Camping Tips

Whether you are new at camping or have done it for years, pointers are always welcomed. The handy hints for campers listed below should help you in having a practical, fun and safe camping holiday.

* Be sure to consider your neighbours and surroundings at the camping ground. There is a distinct etiquette with camping that allows everyone to enjoy their holiday without creating unpleasant disturbances

* Dig a trench on the 'up' side of the camping spot to divert any water away from your tent

* Ensure you have checked out your tent before departing for the holiday destination. This includes checking for any rips, tears and assuring that you have enough pegs, rope etc

* Fill up your water bottle with hot water before bed, this then acts as a hot water bottle

* If camping in the cold, clothes made from wool or synthetic materials will keep you the warmest - even when wet

* If lighting a camp fire, ensure that there are no fire restrictions in the area. You should also be well aware of the fire regulations

* If you are travelling with kids and the forecast is for rain, pack some board games to keep them entertained

* If you're planning on taking a portable fridge on your camping trip, turn it on and run it for approximately 24 hours before leaving - this will help it be nice and cold when you arrive

* Investigate the likely temperatures you are going to face, especially night-time temperatures. this way you can ensure you have appropriate bedding and clothing to stay warm

* Know the area where you will be staying. This allows you to come prepared for the likely conditions

* Make sure you take the appropriate precautions so that you stay safe on your holiday, this includes such things as beach safety, checking for ticks etc

* Never pack tents or camping equipment away when wet, mildew can attack your expensive gear and destroy it

* Plan ahead with a camping checklist so that you don't get stuck in the middle of nowhere without the necessary equipment

* When setting up your tent ensure that you are not located in an area where water will be directed in heavy rain, or a natural waterway

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CampingAustralian Explorer has selected a number of camping tours that will be perfect for anybody who loves camping and exploring. If you have always wanted to camp in the Outback why not take a look at our 3 Day Alice Springs camping trip.

We have a number of trips that offer camping and backpackers accommodation as well as comfortable permanent tents. We have camping trips that last for 2 days but for those who are game we even offer a range of 12 day camping trips. So for your next holiday grab a group of friends together for a memorable camping trip.

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