Light Aircraft Training Flight over the Sydney Harbour

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Light Aircraft Training Flight over the Sydney Harbour - Learn To FlyHave you ever wanted to take the controls of a Piper Warrior in a light aircraft training flight? Well this will be your lucky day as we fly over Parramatta north to the Bahai Temple and towards the magnificent northern beaches. Circle Sydney Harbour with stunning views of the Bridge, Opera House, Zoo, North and South Head and of course the harbour and its foreshores!

This light aircraft training flight will allow you to see how it feels to be a pilot and be in control of the aircraft under the supervision of one of our instructors. The flight takes the form of a sixty minute introductory flying lesson and you'll fly with a professional flying instructor in a fully certified training aircraft.

If you feel comfortable, you will actually do most of the flying during the flight as well. In addition to the flight we will explain the pre-flight inspection, get you to help the instructor check the aircraft, and then run through the checklists before you start the engine.

After we have taken off we will head towards Parramatta and north to Hornsby where you will turn right and fly past the Bahai Temple towards the northern beaches.

Next we will fly directly to the harbour where you will be given clearance to orbit over the harbour between the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. From your aircraft you will be able to view Sydney's famous skyline before we return back to Bankstown.


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