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Warbird Aerobatic Adventure Flight -

Do you want to experience the maddest adrenalin rush you could ever have? Try flying the aces of yesteryear in a supercharged 2 seat military fighter trainer aircraft. You will experience eyeball popping aerobatic maneuvers ranging from mild to wild, as much as you like!

Available in : QLD | VIC

Adult $285

Warbird Scenic Coastal Adventure Flight -

Enjoy the unique experience of flying in a vintage fighter trainer aircraft. Our Warbird Scenic Coastal Adventure Flight offers breathtaking views sweeping along the beaches of Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road and the Surf Coast from Sorrento to Lorne in a real military fighter aircraft. This is some of Australia's most spectacular coastline. Come and see it while enjoying a real military aircraft

Available in : QLD | VIC

Adult $355

1930's Cocktail Party in a Historic DC3 for 28 -

Our cocktail party evening flights aboard the spectacular DC3 Gooney Bird is a unique evening that will be remembered forever. A most popular night for private parties and business groups wanting to do something just a bit different. This experience is perfect for special occasions and Christmas parties.

Available in : VIC

Adult $355

Warbird Aerobatic Flight -

Have you always dreamed of flying in a Warbird? Well with our help you can turn your dreams into reality! Let us take you on an unforgettable flight in our Warbird. Your mission can be tailored to your individual preferences, and can include high speed low level maneuvering. Your flight in our Warbird will last for 30 amazing minutes!

Available in : VIC

Adult $995

Ultimate Adventure Flight In A Yak 52 -

This is the ultimate adventure flight and is the ideal gift for someone who has everything, the aviation enthusiast, the thrill seeker or anyone who wants to try something different. For 60 minutes we will perform a combination of aerobatic manoeuvres such as gentle turns and dives with the canopy open. During your 60 minute flight we can go anywhere in a 110 kilometre radius of Point Cook. The de

Available in : VIC

Adult $790

Wild Aerobatic Flight In A Yak 52 -

If you are an adventure seeker then our Wild Aerobatic Flight In A Yak 52 will have you wanting more. Get ready for the speed, the G's and the adrenaline rush. Take the controls yourself and see what it's really like. For 35 exciting minutes we will perform a mix of aerobatics over Melbourne's stunning coastline from Point Cook.

Available in : VIC

Adult $520

Mild Scenic Flight In A Yak 52 -

Have you always dreamed of flying in a Russian Yak 52? Well we have the perfect aerobatic flight for beginners. Our popular 25 minute flight will wet your appetite as we introduce you to a combination of gentle turns and dives the canopy open for a more leisurely flight over Melbourne's famous skyline. So hold on tight as we take you on your dream flight!!

Available in : VIC

Adult $430

Extreme Aerobatic Flight In A Yak 52 -

For the thrill seekers take a ride in the awesome Yak 52. Get ready for the speed, the G's and the adrenaline rush. Take the controls yourself and see what it's really like. During our popular 45 minute flight we will perform some extreme aerobatics. We will start off gently and slowly we will increase the tempo of the manoeuvres to build up your resistance so you can handle advanced aerobatics su

Available in : VIC

Adult $640

Harbour Bridge and Aerobatics Flight -

You will have the best seat in the house for the best view in the world! Let us show you the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge from the front seat of this adrenaline inducing, open-cockpit bi-plane. Travel along the coast all the way to Broken Bay and the Central Coast or experience an extended session of adrenaline inducing aerobatic thrills, enjoying a taste of the G-Forces Baron Manfred Von

Available in : NSW

Adult $695

30 Minute Aerobatic Flight -

Aerobatics! There is absolutely nothing like it! Let us treat you to the neck- numbing, adrenaline-inducing roller coaster of thrills 2000ft in the air above Sydney as your pilot gives you a taste of the G-Forces Baron Manfred Von Richtoffen himself experienced during air combat.

Available in : NSW

Adult $465

Red Bull Air Race Experience -

Get set for the ultimate thrill ride in the official Red Bull Stunt Plane - the Extra 200. Get a taste of the Red Bull Air Race right here in Sydney and experience neck numbing aerobatics at their most extreme.

Available in : NSW

Adult $595

YAK-52 Fighter Trainer Mission in a Russian Red -

Experience what every Soviet fighter pilot had to go through in the long road to becoming a frontline fighter pilot in formidable Russian fighter aircraft. They all started on the YAK-52 and had to prove themselves on it first before moving on. This wonderful, comparatively small aircraft, is no pushover and demands respect. You will be impressed with its power and agility.

Available in : NSW

Adult $700

40 Minute Maritime Patrol Mission -

In this mission you will fly to the coast and once you ensure that it is safe to conduct your operations by patrolling the coast of Newcastle you will climb up to height for some aerobatics. The aerobatics will be the same as for the pure aerobatics mission above but then you will return to 500 feet to complete your low level patrol of the coast and return to home base.

Available in : NSW

Adult $1950

25 Minute Airshow Aerobatic Mission in a Fighter Attack Aircraft -

Just like the jet aerobatics but with the sensory additives of the sweet smell of burnt aviation fuel and the wonderful sound that only comes from a large radial engine. You will get to experience the aerobatic manoeuvres used in almost every airshow routine conducted by demonstration pilots around the world.

Available in : NSW

Adult $1500

Warbird Adventure Flight -

An aerobatic mission in the Harvard T6. Indulge in the nostalgia and sheer power of this radial engined beast. Graceful aerobatics and sheer horsepower is how you would best some up this adventure flight. Sure to get your heart pumping.

Available in : VIC

Adult $899

Aerobatic Flight in a Warbird Yak 52 -

This is a simulated air combat ride which involves aerobatic manoeuvres such as a roll, loop and barrel roll if you wish. For 25 minutes you will feel the powerful G force of the aircraft as well as a number of combat sequences.

Available in : QLD

Adult $435

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