Victoria Sky Diving Experiences

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Victoria Sky Diving Experiences

Static Line Free Fall Course (EX3031)

Static Line Free Fall CourseThe Static Line Free Fall Course is a complete weekend package away. This is most popular way to learn how to Skydive! This a great unique way to skydive and meet new friends! ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $380.00

Accelerated Freefall Skydive Course (EX3030)

Accelerated Freefall Skydive CourseIf you love the adrenalin rush of skydiving this package is perfect for you! This Accelerated Freefall Skydive Course runs over a full weekend and it is an exciting new way to do your first jump. The Accelerated Freefall Course is your first step / stage in completing your A-Licence Certificate. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $540.00

Tandem Skydiving over Euroa (EX3025)

Tandem Skydiving over EuroaSkydiving is one of the most celebrated adrenalin charged activities in the world. Provide some excitement to your routine with a tandem skydive over Euroa. In the company of an experienced tandem master you will feel your heart racing as you plummet towards the earth from 8,000 to 14,000ft! ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $340.00

Ground Rush Tandem Skydive over the Yarra Valley (EX2328)

Ground Rush Tandem Skydive over the Yarra ValleyTandem sky diving in the Yarra Valley is the only place to take your first plunge. The 'Ground Rush' is a Tandem Jump from 6,000 feet giving you the rush of freefall! ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $299.00

14,000ft Skydive over the Yarra Valley (EX2327)

14,000ft Skydive over the Yarra ValleyExperience the FREEFALL as you leave the plane from 14,000 feet giving you the rush only sky diving can, for 60 seconds. Then your instructor pulls the cord of your parachute, gliding gently back to terra firma. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $470.00

Sky Diving Tandem and Winery Lunch Package (EX2326)

Sky Diving Tandem and Winery Lunch PackageExperience the thrill of freefall! Your day consists of your tandem sky dive, a 2-course lunch and a glass of Rochford Yarra Valley Wine. One of the best tandem sky diving experiences over the Yarra Valley. Experience the thrill of sky diving tandem with an instructor as you plummet towards the ground at 220km/h and land into Rochford Winery for a glass of wine and a 2-course lunch! ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $635.00

Sky Diving Tandem Freefall Adventure In The Yarra Valley (EX1272)

Sky Diving Tandem Freefall Adventure In The Yarra ValleyIf you've ever wanted to feel the rush of jumping out of a plane and reaching speeds of up to 220km/h, then tandem sky diving over the Yarra Valley could be the answer! Feel the wind rush through the plane as you prepare to sky dive and feel the adrenalin. Your day with us includes your sky diving experience and a wine tasting experience at a Yarra Valley Winery. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $370.00

14,000ft Tandem Skydive over Melbourne (EX3023)

14,000ft Tandem Skydive over MelbourneJumping from Australia’s highest altitude of 14,000ft above the beach, take in the panoramic views of the historic Melbourne CBD, picturesque Port Phillip Bay and the Mornington Peninsula - not to mention St Kilda’s stunning beaches! With only 15 minutes instruction you will be able to experience the ultimate thrill...falling towards earth at over 200km/hr. Your skydive includes up to 60 seconds of breathtaking freefall and over five minutes under the canopy as you float back down to earth. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $389.00

14000 Feet Tandem Skydive Adventure over Nagambie (EX1706)

14000 Feet Tandem Skydive Adventure over NagambieDo Tandem Skydiving Over Nagambie for the most exhilarating experience of your life! Skydiving is the highest, fastest, most spectacular sport of them all. A tandem skydive is the easiest way to feel the excitement of freefall at over 200kph: the perfect gift for friends, family or... you! After a fifteen minute briefing by a highly experienced Tandem Instructor, you'll be strapped into a parachute built for two – and away you go! The experience starts with a short, but stunning flight to fourteen thousand feet in Victoria's largest and fastest jump plane. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $360.00

Learn to Sky Dive in a 2 Day Accelerated Freefall Course (EX1538)

Learn to Sky Dive in a 2 Day Accelerated Freefall CourseThis Course will enable you to skydive solo. This means having noone attached to you. You jump from the plane, you feel the rush and you pull the rip cord. This style of experience over 2 days will certainly give you a great sense of achievement and could get you hooked into becoming a skydiver for good. Book this fantastic 2 day learn to skydive course online today and you will certainly have the time of your life. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $495.00

Sky Diving Tandem Jump Over The Goldfield's (EX1537)

Sky Diving Tandem Jump Over The Goldfield'sEver wanted to experience Tandem Sky diving over Bendigo? Take the plunge and let your adrenalin start to flow as you plummet at speeds of more than 220km/h with 40 seconds of freefall. Experience spectacular scenery that you've never seen before as you float over the stunning Victorian Goldfields! ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $375.00

Tandem Sky Diving Over Bells Beach (EX1266)

Tandem Sky Diving Over Bells BeachYour flight over the beginning of the Great Ocean Road is spectacular and you can see beautiful Bells Beach and Barwon and Port Phillip Heads from the air. Enjoy the sensation of freefall for up to 40 seconds. Your parachute then opens and you are gently floating down to earth under your parachute for 5 minutes where your friends will be cheering you on as you land. There's nothing like it in the world and it's a decision you'll never regret! ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $399.00

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