Australian Capital Territory Food & Beverage Tasting Experiences

Food & Beverage Tasting ExperiencesAustralian Explorer is proud to offer you a secure online booking environment for a select number of Food & Beverage Tasting Experiences around Australian Capital Territory. Below you will find a brief description of each featured experience within the Food & Beverage Tasting - Gourmet Category.

Click on the individual experiences to view further information such as departure information, prices, participant requirements and further general details for your selected Food & Beverage Tasting Experience. From here you will be able to buy a gift voucher or make a secure reservation for your selected Food & Beverage Tasting Experience.

All of the experiences listed below can be booked for a specific date or provided as a gift voucher. Our gift vouchers are valid for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase and make ideal gifts for special occassions such as christmas, birthdays, weddings, engagements, graduations, retirement, fathers day, mothers day, as well as great corporate rewards.

Experience gift vouchers can be emailed or posted directly to the lucky recipient. Alternatively, they can be sent to you, so you can present the voucher yourself.

Australian Capital Territory Food & Beverage Tasting Experiences

Coffee and Cookies Kit (EX3531)

Coffee and Cookies KitA gift filled with indulgence - guaranteed to please. The Coffee and Cookies Kit includes an aromatic gourmet plunger style coffee, a Bodum Coffee maker, two double-walled coffee mugs (to keep your favourite brew steaming hot) and freshly baked decadent cafe-style baked Anzac biscuits. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $99.00

Sensational Sushi Making at Home (EX3424)

Sensational Sushi Making at HomeSensational savoury sushi... A kit containing all the essentials for creating perfect restaurant quality sushi at home including sushi rice, wasabi paste, nori seaweed sheets and a bottle of sake to get you in the mood. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $99.00

Christmas Wreath Box and Sparkling Brut Hamper (EX3174)

Christmas Wreath Box and Sparkling Brut HamperEvery Christmas morning should be a special occasion and this is the ideal way to wake up to a celebratory day. Pop the top, pour, sip, nibble . . . do you really want to get up right now? Make someone's day with these Christmas bubbles. A gift card with your personal message is included in the price of all our hampers. Gift hampers make an ideal present at any time of the year and for any occasion. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $59.00

Gourmet Weekender Hamper (EX3171)

Gourmet Weekender HamperJust add the weekend newspapers... Begin on Friday evening with a nibble on smoked salmon”¦. then bite, munch, chew and sip your way through a wonderful gourmet weekend. That, however requires some self-control. Some have been known to become so excited that they have polished off the copious contents of this gourmet hamper in a much shorter time. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $199.00

Blue Tongue Beer Hamper (EX3168)

Blue Tongue Beer HamperNo, you won't end up with a blue tongue. It's the name of a gourmet beer, but you knew that. This hamper combines a great lager taste with some interesting cheeses crackers and complements. Satisfying enough for an experienced palate without being too challenging for a relative novice. It's a perfect for an indulgent brunch (give Buck's Fizz the boot), a lazy after-lunch, mid afternoon snack, watching sports, pre-dinner drink. In fact there's almost no occasion when this wouldn't go down well. Send it as a gift if you can. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $79.00

Champagne Interlude Hamper (EX3166)

Champagne Interlude HamperA little something special to sip on? If you are fortunate enough to receive this hamper, be flattered – and warned. If you are considering it as a gift, be prepared for an unusually high level of gratitude. Our Champagne Interlude Hamper is perfect birthday's, valentine's day, anniversaries and for any other occasion. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $139.00

Pancake, Crepe and Waffle Experience (EX3163)

Pancake, Crepe and Waffle ExperienceIt's so deliciously simple and simply delicious that it's been inspiring chefs for years. The idea of batter in a pan sounds basic, but think pancakes, crepes, waffles, blini and a whole world of fun and flavours is revealed. Open a doorway into some traditional favourites with this quick and easy experience. Maple syrup – it's like Vegemite to a Canadian – adds a unique taste to our two chosen flavours, while the blini pan can be the beginning of years of pancake flipping fun. (A blin, or plural blini, is a thin pancake, also known as a blintz, which may contain yeast, unlike a crepe.) ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $69.00

Perfect Pizza Oven Kit (EX3158)

Perfect Pizza Oven KitPizza – one name, a thousand variations. Forget those production line mediocrities that come through the front door in cardboard boxes. Like to become an instant pizza chef? The Gourmet Pizza Oven Kit is a great way to start. In no time you will be making crisp, delicious gourmet pizza at home. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $249.00

Wine Appreciation and Education Hamper (EX457)

Wine Appreciation and Education HamperStep one – Find corkscrew ... Swirl, sniff, sip, think”¦ know! Instant expertise is yours with this cunningly selected Wine Appreciation and Education Hamper. Comprising wines, informative booklets, tasting notes and more, it's guaranteed to inform and delight. Please be warned: instant wine snobs are seldom happily received at the table. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $169.00

White Wine Appreciation and Education Hamper (EX451)

White Wine Appreciation and Education HamperWith selected white wines and a white wine aroma kit – this is certainly not an experience to be sniffed at! However, sniffing with it is sure to provide the most informative experience as you, and perhaps some fortunate guests, discover the nuances of fine white wine. You can savour the Experience alone or invite your friends over to share the fun – either way you'll be well wined and informed! ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $299.00

Home Delivered European Wine Experience (EX445)

Home Delivered European Wine ExperienceIf there is such a thing as Gourmet Explorer's favourites in the wine department, this hamper is filled with them. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $249.00

Home Delivered Moroccan Tajine Cooking Kit (EX440)

Home Delivered Moroccan Tajine Cooking KitMoroccan Magic ... The romance of northern Africa. Crowded markets, street-vendor's cries, and a hustling bustling world. Perhaps, in the cool of the evening on a rooftop terrace, a Tajine quietly cooks, waiting to release its mouth watering aromas of Moroccan spices and meats”¦ the perfect experience for a summer evening wherever you are. Tajine is the name of a wonderful conical Moroccan cooking pot as well as the name of the recipe itself. Tajine recipes are aromatic, flavoursome slow cooked stews of meat, fruit, vegetables, and spices. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $189.00

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