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New South Wales Spa & Beauty - Women Experiences

Wildflower Holistic Body Massage (EX3368)

Wildflower Holistic Body MassageTotally unwind with a wildflower remedy, where we nurture and massage your body with mood enhanced elemental oils, whilst a warm vapour mists over your whole body, making it easy to let go and release all the stress and tension of modern day living. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $75.00

Indio Paramedical Micro-Peel Pamper Session (EX3367)

Indio Paramedical Micro-Peel Pamper SessionThe indio paramedical micro-peel has been formulated to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin at a professional only level. It activates the skin's own repair mechanism by provoking an active, chain reaction which eventually causes facial epidermis to peel off within 3-6 days following treatment. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $480.00

MicroDermabrasion Pamper Session (EX3366)

MicroDermabrasion Pamper SessionMicrodermabrasion is a technique used to resurface and smooth the skin, a deep cleansing, exfoliating technique using a handpiece with embedded diamond chips and an adjustable vacuum. After the procedure, the treated area will look flushed due to increased circulation but feel smooth. Perfect Gift idea for Mother's Day, Birthday's, Christmas and all other special occasions! ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $135.00

Indio Eye C Treatment (EX3365)

Indio Eye C TreatmentA perfect lunchtime treatment for tired, puffy and dehydrated eyes. A super enriched, hydrating and soothing eye brightening treatment packed full of effective anti-oxidants, to fight free radical damage and re-energise the delicate eye tissue. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $60.00

Indio Hydrator Facial Pamper Session (EX3364)

Indio Hydrator Facial Pamper Session Great hydration booster for dry skin. A rich facial using a combination of nourishing plant extracts to assist with the improvement of lipid content and skin hydration, while also promoting elasticity and suppleness in the skin. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $140.00

Indio Anti-Rose Facial (EX3363)

Indio Anti-Rose FacialOur Indio Anti-Rose Facial is ideal for red, sensitive, couperous skin. This calming and soothing facial is ideal for sensitive skin and helps soothe, strengthen and reduce the appearance of redness and broken capillaries. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $140.00

Oxygen Facial Pamper Session (EX3360)

Oxygen Facial Pamper SessionThe Echo2 Plus Oxygen Treatment System is a revolutionary oxygen skin care system employing pure oxygen gas, with vitamins A, C and E, and 87 different minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Book your pamper session today and let our profession therapists spoil you. Our Oxygen Facial Pamper Session is a unique gift idea and is perfect for all occasions and skin types! ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $185.00

Holistic Collagen Infusion Pamper Session (EX3359)

Holistic Collagen Infusion Pamper SessionOur Holistic Collagen Infusion Pamper Session is one of the most effective anti-ageing treatments. It reduces fine lines and capillaries, refines pores and soothes irritations. Great for skins with sun-damage, sensitivity, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. Moisturises and regenerates, leaving the skin revived, totally hydrated and wrinkle free. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $169.00

Relaxing Marble Bath Treatment (EX3354)

Relaxing Marble Bath TreatmentIndulge in a luxurious marble bath treatment which will help to soak all your worries away. Choose to book a Calendula Bath Treatment, Enliven Bath Treatment, Active Bath Treatment or Soothe Bath Treatment. If you are looking for the perfect gift for somebody who has everything then they will love a voucher for our Relaxing Marble Bath Treatment. All they need to do is let us know which treatment they would like to book. It's that easy! ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $190.00

Mineral Mud Healing Wrap Pamper Session (EX3350)

Mineral Mud Healing Wrap Pamper SessionOur Mineral Mud Healing Wrap begins with a full body exfoliation, then a body clay is chosen to suit your needs and is applied with a special technique. Whilst you are cocooned we will relieve the tension from the scalp with a relaxing massage, this is followed by a complete body moisturize. Our Mineral Mud Healing Wrap Pamper Session makes a perfect gift for birthday's, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas and all other special occasions. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $185.00

Holistic Body Polish Pamper Session (EX3346)

Holistic Body Polish Pamper SessionSweep away all beauty signs of dryness and rough skin, with a massage mix of mineral sea salts and warmed elemental aromatherapy oil. Our Holistic Body Polish Pamper Session is a perfect gift idea for Mother's Day, Birthday's, Christmas, Annerversaries and all other special occasions. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $135.00

Marma Point Head Massage (EX3132)

Marma Point Head MassageA deeply relaxing and meditative experience where a skilled therapist uses ancient Marma pressure point techniques on the meridians of your head to release muscle tension and stress. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $54.00

Rejuvenating Facial and Eyebrow Shape (EX3077)

Rejuvenating Facial and Eyebrow ShapeYour Rejuvenating Facial and Eyebrow Shape package includes a restorative facial treatment and an eyebrow shape. You will see and feel the improvement in your skin immediately. For the best results, it is recommended you continue the treatment every four to six weeks. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $130.00

Energy Lift Decleor Facial (EX2367)

Energy Lift Decleor FacialFeeling tired or tense around the face? Revitalise and refresh yourself with this complete Decleor facial, designed to perk up the contours of your face. Using only the finest in quality products, experienced staff will have you feeling and looking beautiful. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $145.00

Third Trimester Mummy To Be Pamper Session (EX2365)

Third Trimester Mummy To Be Pamper SessionThis one on one pamper session is ideal for women in their final trimester expecting their baby very soon! Sit back, relax and be pampered as experienced and qualified professionals use quality products with only the finest in natural oils and plant extracts. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $375.00

Renewal of Self Face Treatment (EX1857)

Renewal of Self Face TreatmentOur luxurious Renewal of Self Face Treatment is a 90 minute Face Treatment that is suitable for all skin types. Also included in this fabulous experience is an Aroma Foot Spa and Scrub and scalp massage. You will feel like you are in heaven once we have finished spoiling you! ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $165.00

Relaxing Day Spa Massage and Facial Treatment (EX1853)

Relaxing Day Spa Massage and Facial TreatmentAre you are in need of a well deserved break and some serious pampering, then look no further as our team of therapists can do just that. This fantastic experience includes a relaxing full body massage, a customised facial, a warm foot bath followed by a Shirodhara treatment, which is an Indian scalp massage with warm aromatic oil. ...

PRICES FROM . . . Adult : $295.00

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