Victoria Fishing Licences and Restrictions

Persons wishing to partake in recreational fishing in Victoria are required to obtain a licence unless you are under the age of 18 or over the age of 70. You may also be exempt from obtaining a licence if you are the holder of a:

* Victoria Senior's Card or Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Card

* TPI coded Veterans' Affairs Repatriation Health Card

* AGE, AGE Blind, CAR, DSP or DSP Blind Coded Pensioner Concession Card

You can obtain a Recreational Fishing Licence from any of the Department of Primary Industry offices. Fees range from $5.50 to $60 depending on the licence period.

Fishers should note that it is illegal to use mammal blood or offal as bait in Victorian waters. You may only use bait that was caught in the same water that it is to be used in for safety reasons.

Like other Australian States restrictions apply as to the number of fish/marine life you may take, the minimum size these must be and the equipment you may use. The restrictions vary across the different species, it is your responsibility to know the current regulations. Before departing on your fishing holiday consult the Victorian Fisheries for specific size and bag limit restrictions.

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