The Top 10 Things to do in Tasmania


I reckon Tasmania has to be the most beautiful island in the world. So to celebrate this I have put together a pictorial of my top ten things to do! Here are some:

1) Tour the tulips of table cape in October
2) Travel the western explorer
3) Walk with penguins in stanly
4) Walk with wombats at Cradle mountain
5) Explore the southern caves

Want to know the other five and see photos? look at

Posted By Peter on Wednesday 15th August 2007 @ 20:14:07

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I went to Tasmania with my parents when I was 10 years old and the highlight of my trip was patting a Tassie Devil at a wildlife park.

Posted By rachel-coxsen on Tuesday 22nd January 2008 @ 13:59:28


I took my mum to Tassie last year and we really enjoyed the hedgemazes. There are so many of them down there.

Posted By Mary on Wednesday 30th January 2008 @ 17:59:47


Haha, that's funny. There ARE a lot of hedgemazes, I never thought about it until now.

Posted By AlanLomax on Saturday 1st August 2009 @ 01:26:18


So many things to do. We are just planning our 3rd trip to Tasmania with 3 children in tow (8yrs, 7yrs & 5yrs). Zoo Doo wildlife park which is located just outside Richmond. Devil Jets jetboating experience was great fun and then we went to the Salmon Ponds just down the road to let the kids feed the fish and have super yummy food. Fruit picking at Sorell was lovely, again friendly people and wonderful food. Also mini golf at Moonah called Putters is just fantastic, kids loved it. Did the Bruny Island Tour, just the adults, wouldn't take kids based solely on the price. The tour was great, bit long if the kids needed a toilet stop and they always want to go when there are no toilets :)Penguin tour at Bicheno was so much better than the Phillip Island one in Victoria. Finally you have to eat at the Ball & Chain in Salamanca Place plus go to the Salamanca markets on Sunday of course!

Posted By Yolanda on Tuesday 12th October 2010 @ 15:22:40


My favourite place in Tasmania has to be Cradle Mountain. Also loved Hobart which I found to be a really friendly city. Didn't visit a HedgeMaze but did enjoy Bonorong Wildlife Park somewhere near Richmond I think. Looking forward to visiting Tasmania again.

Posted By mick on Monday 27th February 2012 @ 03:31:30


I agree Peter, Tasmania is an incredible place to visit. I went there recently on a family holiday and loved it! I'd never thought about visiting before but was so glad I did. The place I enjoyed the most was Wineglass Bay. The beaches were incredible and the Freycinet National Park was abundant with wildlife. Before deciding to visit the region, I did some research and found this article which totally sold me on the idea -

Posted By Jennifer on Monday 18th June 2012 @ 13:57:38


Hi there, not to resurrect an old thread or anything but i found it so others may too. I lived in the Huon Valley south of Hobart in 1994/5 with my parents and we went for a walk to Lake Skinner which was lovely. We had the trail and the lake to ourselves.

Exploring the Huon river valley and estuary is fantastic, i enjoy Tassie most in autumn/spring. theres something about feeling like a frontiersman out in the wilderness when the weather is a little crisp and a little damp, rather than cold and wet

Posted By Damien on Monday 31st March 2014 @ 20:00:54

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