German off-the-beaten track, participatory travel guide planned

"A long journey": German film and online project about Australia

Bamberg, Germany – How is anti-snake venom serum gained?

Who works for the Royal Flying Doctor Service?

And why do some people still live in caves?

Questions like these are to be answered by a German media project called "Ein Weiter Weg" (A long journey).

Students Marco Aumer and Christian Zagel are setting out to show "the unknown Australia" rather than service long-standing clichés. They've planned a film, a series and an online travel guide about Australia that will be accessible free on the Internet.

"The content is our expedition which aims to show a country in which there is still something to discover," the two describe their intention.

The special aspect is that anyone can take part in the project individually via the Internet – be it a musician with film music, photographers with images, journalists with stories or globetrotters with ideas for shaping the tour.

Anyone can accompany the two students from the Bavarian city of Bamberg on their "long journey".

They've already stirred a lot of interest that has made their Internet portal very popular even before they've set out.

Christian und Marco will start in April on the 25,000-kilometre route to the remotest parts of Australia. "The unusual stories are only ever found off the beaten tracks," they explain.

Theirs are not the "must-see" locations of the usual travel guides, but less popular but no less spectacular destinations. Old gold digger towns, a chocolate factory, Kings Canyon are on the list of places they will target in their search for the unusual off the touristic routes. Their project is financed by sponsors.

Posted By Diet Simon on Monday 10th March 2008 @ 08:21:13

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