Mount Tyson

Mount Tyson is a small town amongst the grain and cattle farms of the Darling Downs, best known for its true Aussie-style Farm Stay and for White Mischief sweets. The locals of this town are truly proud of their 'tidy town' title won over many years, while the town can be said to be at its most beautiful as the Jacarandas come into bloom.

Just west of the town is the very well known Adora Downs Host Farm. Catering mostly for groups, this farm is neither a secret to Australians or overseas visitors, as word has spread that this farm offers a distinctly Australian farm experience.

Like most small town cheese factories, Mount Tyson's cheese factory is no longer producing cheese. The factory however, is 'churning out' a sweeter indulgence, as it has been converted to a confectionery factory. Known as 'White Mischief,' the nougat and other delights are truly a welcome new use for the dairy farmers' milk.

Temperatures for Mount Tyson

Mount Tyson has hot summer temperatures. The summer high temperature for Mount Tyson is approximately 30 °c. The summer low temperature is approximately 17 °c.

Mount Tyson has mild winter temperatures. The winter high temperature for Mount Tyson is approximately 18 °c. The winter low temperature is approximately 6 °c.


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