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The northern area of Victoria is made up of the beautiful Goulburn Valley, and the plentiful riverside towns situated along the Murray River.

Directly north from Melbourne along the Victoria and New South Wales border is Echuca, which aptly means 'the meeting of the waters'. Echuca is situated at the point where the Campaspe, Goulburn and Murray Rivers meet.

Just north from Echuca, further along the Murray, is the wonderful Barmah State Park. There are many bird species within the wetland region, as well as the largest Redgum forest in the world.

Echuca - EmmylouIf you are camping in the area, then avoid sleeping under the trees as Redgums are prone to dropping their branches. You can also explore the region by canoeing along the river, or taking the slightly more relaxing Kingfisher cruise boat.

Yarrawonga - Harlburgs PuntFurther east is Yarrawonga, situated along Lake Mulwala. There are plenty of water activities available on the lake, as well as some paddle steamer cruises. East again is the pretty wine growing region of Rutherglen, which produces some fabulous wines.

WodongaContinuing along the Murray, the next major town you will come across is Wodonga. Wodonga is located opposite its twin town Albury, on the New South Wales border. There are several places to stay in this beautiful, relaxing town.

Snowy MountainsFrom Wodonga you can head east towards Corryong, past the little homesteads and farmland along the way. Corryong gives access to the picturesque Snowy Mountains and the Mt Kosciuszko National Park. You can also visit the Man from Snowy River Folk Museum.

Heading south from Wodonga, along the freeway, you will come to historic Chiltern. There are some pretty and interesting places to visit around the town, which is worth stopping at en route.

Wangaratta Information CentreSouth again is Wangaratta, which means 'resting place of the cormorants'. Further south along the highway is Glenrowan, the places which ended Ned Kelly's adventures. To find out about the story of Ned Kelly visit the unique Kellyland Theatre.

Sheparton CowWest of Glenrowan is Shepparton, a major fruit growing region. There are also a number of wineries in the area which are worth visiting. If you are looking for fruit picking work, then Shepparton between January and April may be worth a try. However, it is recommended that you call first. You can easily get to Shepparton from Melbourne on both train and bus.

There are further wineries at Nagambie which is south of Shepparton, situated along Lake Nagambie. The landscape around this area is magnificent, with the best way to see the area being on a cruise.

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