Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles are located along the spectacular Great Ocean Road. They were originally named the 'Sow and Piglets'. Located near Loch Ard Gorge, the Sow was Muttonbird Island, with the piglets being the smaller surrounding rocks.

At first glance the Twelve Apostles may not appear to be 12 apostles. From the lookout, you can only see a number of the twelve apostles. The others are located behind the rocky headlands that line the Victoria coastline, or hidden by other rocky outcrops.

Twelve ApostlesSunrise and sunset offer particularly impressive views as the Twelve Apostles change colour from dark and foreboding in shadow to brilliant sandy yellow under a full sun.

The Twelve Apostles were formed by erosion of the original coastline. The constant action of the sea on the limestone slowly wore down the rocky cliff, gradually leaving individual rocks.

The cliff is still being eroded at a rate of about 2cm each year, and in the future is likely to form more 'Apostles' from the other rocky headlands that line the Victorian coastline.



I went there and rode a helicopter over it. I learned that the apostles were originally called 'Sow and Piglets' and are surrounded by various other rock formations, including the London Arch not too far away.

Posted By The Girl In Her Summerdress on Thursday 24th October 2013 @ 14:45:38


More Apostles will form.

Posted By kobi on Monday 18th August 2014 @ 16:46:49


I have been there twice and I also learned that they are called the sow and piglets but I also know that they are in the Gadubanud region.

Posted By kev lington on Friday 5th September 2014 @ 13:37:20


Whilst they are called the 12 Apostles, in fact only 8 Apostles remain - due to erosion. It is estimated that the rate of erosion around each is roughly 2 cm per year.

Posted By Mick on Tuesday 16th September 2014 @ 14:05:39


Interestingly there were never 12 stacks or "Apostles" in fact they were only ever 9, the name 12 Apostles was coined by the Victorian tourism back in the 1920s.

Posted By Jason on Tuesday 16th September 2014 @ 14:13:50


Has the road been deviated away from the coast over the years, I thought it used to run closer to the cliffs than it does today , last time I was there was 30 odd years ago

Posted By Mitch on Friday 24th October 2014 @ 17:45:46


I know that there are only about 4 apostles there and was called Sow and Piglets!

Posted By Katelyn009 on Wednesday 5th August 2015 @ 18:05:13

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