4WD Vehicle Recovery

Group of Four Wheel DrivesOne of the most important parts of four wheel driving (4WD) is ensuring that you can help yourself if a situation arises where your vehicle is stuck or has a puncture. The off road terrain produces driving conditions many would otherwise not face and it is easy in such conditions for a vehicle to be stopped.

It is a good idea to prepare a collection of spare parts to assist in the vehicle recovery process if damage has occurred to the vehicle. The following list has been compiled as a basic kit for Vehicle Recovery when 4WD Driving:

* Bottle Jack may be used for changing a flat/damaged tyre

* Bush Saw to trim any obstructing branches

* Ensure your vehicle has Front and Rear Recovery Points

* Have on board a Heavy Duty Air Compressor

* For your safety you should always carry Fire Extinguishers in your 4WD

* High Lift Jacks are needed if you get a flat tyre and have to change it

* Jacking Plate to put underneath the jack to spread the weight on soft terrain

* Make regular use of a Tyre Pressure Gauge

* Purchase a High Quality Snatch Strap for if the vehicle gets stuck

* Have on board a Rated Shackles

* Ropes

* Tyre Levers to assist in removing a damaged tyre (a bead breaker may also be a good idea)

* Wheel Brace to undo the wheel nuts, a long handled tool is recommended for leverage 

** Please note this list is only a guide and should not be used as an exhaustive checklist.

4 Wheel DriveIf you are not travelling with another vehicle or there isn't one in sight, you can use a hand winch or an electric winch when bogged down. It is recommended that if you will be participating in serious four wheel driving you should have one or both of these on board.

Other winching tools include snatch blocks, star pickets, tree trunk protectors and wire cables.

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