North Terrace

North Terrace is exactly 1 mile (1.6km) long, although it could take quite a while to get all of the way along it as there is plenty to do along the way.

You'll pass the The Lion Performing Arts Center (at the West) and Mercury Cinema, then just past the bridge Adelaide's oldest church, which was built in 1838 soon after the arrival of the European settlers. This is the Anglican Holy Trinity Church.

Along with glamorous hotels and restaurants you'll come across the Casino, which is actually inside the Grand Central Railway Station.

Government HouseNearby are both Parliament and Government House. If you cross the road, you'll walk through some small gardens to the War Memorial, a large arched structure.

Next you'll find the State Library of South Australia, the South Australian Museum hosting historical exhibitions and modern pieces of art, the Art Gallery and the University.

Parliament HouseFinally you'll see Ayer's House, a building and gardens from Colonial times, and the Botanic Garden filled with flowers, trees and courtyards.

Other features of North Terrace include: Adelaide Parkland, City Sk8 Park (a skateboarding facility), Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide Railway Station building, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide Botanic Gardens and assorted accommodation, businesses and medical practices.

Adelaide Accommodation

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