Avon Valley

Avon Valley is a beautiful valley just east of Perth, home to the pretty Avon Valley River which is popular for canoeing and Western Australia's famous Spring Wildflowers.

To the south of the Avon Valley is Beverley which is home to a fantastic Aeronautical Museum. If you are more into farming, then there is also the nearby Avondale Discovery Farm which you can visit. There are also a few places to stay in Beverley.

North of Beverley, along the Avon River, is York which was settled as early as 1831 (making it the oldest Western Australia inland town). York has maintained its historic feel, and the architecture is wonderful with plenty of fabulous historic buildings around the town. The Museum here is for car enthusiasts with its good Motor Museum. York also hosts a number of festivals including the Flying 50's Vintage and Veteran Car Race in August, the Jazz Festival in October, and Rally Australia in November. There are plenty of bed and breakfasts in York, which is a very pleasant place to stay.

North again is Northam a small historical town, with a number of places to visit. There are a couple of interesting historical museums in the town, including Morby Cottage and the Old Railway Station. Northam is also popular during the Avon Descent Race in August, when power boats and canoeists join the race. There is some good accommodation in several of the towns hotels if you decide to stay in Northam.

North from here you will reach Toodyay, which is another historic town with some fantastic buildings. There are several places you can visit around Toodyay including Connors Mill, which is both a working mill and the Tourist Information Centre, the 1870's Coorinja Winery, and the Old Newcastle Gaol Museum. There is more accommodation in Toodyay as well as basic campsites within the nearby Avon Valley National Park.

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