The beautiful seaside town of Beachport boasts one of the longest jetties in South Australia and rarely does a day go by without anglers of all ages trying their luck at landing a prize catch. A relaxed atmosphere prevails at this historic whaling port located on Rivoli Bay, with whales sighted through the cooler months a welcome addition to this beautiful coastal port.

The Bowman Scenic Trail leads from the town centre and explores the coastal dunes. Scenic spots such as the Blow Hole and Salmon Hole offer a snapshot of the spectacular drive that guests can experience. Swim the sandy beaches, play the excellent golf course, sample some fine fare at local hotels and explore the Canunda National Park and Beachport Conservation Parks in an off-road vehicle.

The Pool of Siloam provides a relaxing way to float your cares away. It is fed by underground springs with the water eight times more salty than seawater that provides fantastic buoyancy. Swim pontoons are provided at the pool. Excellent accommodation is available in a wide range of styles, from classic beach holiday houses to four-star star bed and breakfast style.

Beachport Accommodation

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