Bindoon is an hour's drive north of Perth, within the beautiful Chittering shire. The shire also includes Muchea, Lower Chittering and Wannamal. The best seasons for visiting the area are winter and spring. Visitors will see vineyards, orange groves, wineries, farms, beautiful countryside with a river valley and other attractions.

The first European settlement of the area occurred in the mid 1840s. William Locke Brockman was the first to take up land in the present shire, and a river running through the area was later named after him - the Brockman River. The ruins of his old house can still be seen at a point just north of the local hotel.

'Bindoon', originally the name of a house, means 'place where yams grow' in the local Aboriginal dialect. A number of good quality bed and breakfast and farm stay accommodations are available, as are a selection of restaurants.

Bindoon Accommodation

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