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Birdsville was once a thriving little town, making money on the exportation of cattle from Queensland to South Australia. Although the town has since slowed down, many tourists pass through the town.

One of the most famous and popular places within the town is the Birdsville Hotel (which is also the pub). It is a remarkable building, dating back to 1884. birdsville also has an interesting museum called the Birdsville Working Museum, which displays various farming and agricultural equipment.

If you are planning on making the journey out to Birdsville you should aim to get there for the lively Birdsville Races, which are held in September. Many people go to Birdsville at this time, and it is great fun. The Birdsville Track starts here and heads south west into South Australia, passing the Simpson Desert and Sturt's Stony Desert. Part of the track is divided into the Inside and Outside Track, although you should check with locals as to which one is best to take at the time.

If you are feeling adventurous and have all supplies and vital equipment needed, it is possible to cross the Simpson Desert National Park. You will need to get a permit from the Police Station in Birdsville, and you should aim at travelling in 4WD convoy for safety.

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