Caravan Accessories

There are a number of caravan accessories available to help make your journey more comfortable. Whether you are travelling for a weekend or a year, nearby or to the other side of the country - you can do it in style.

With everything you need at your fingertips, caravanning will be a breeze. There is no reason why you should have to go without just because your choice of accommodation is on wheels. Any of the following items should be added to your checklist before you depart on your next holiday.

* A caravan jack, in case you get caught out with a puncture or damaged trailer tyre

* A trailer lock to keep you and your possessions safe

* Additional caravan towing mirrors, to make towing both safer and easier

* Canvas waterproofing (for pop tops or awnings) so that you don't get rained on while away on holiday

* Caravan covers to protect the van's exterior from Australia's harsh climate

* Gas cylinder gauge, so that you're not in the middle of cooking that Aussie BBQ only to run out of gas miles away from a petrol station

* Modern jerry cans to keep an extra supply of petrol in a concealed and easy to use container

* Portable fridges, both electric and gas powered

* Solar shower for both practicality and comfort

* Washing machines created specifically for use in caravans or camping situations

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