Caravanning Hints

There is always so much to think about before leaving on your caravanning holiday especially if you are to be travelling for a long time or for a great distance.

It is particularly daunting if it is your first time caravanning. You may be unsure on what to take, how many to take and what to leave behind.

Below is a list of pointers you should consider before departing on your next caravan trip.

* A great idea when BBQing at caravan parks is to use baking paper on the BBQ plate, this way you can simply fold up the paper after use, and the plate is clean

* Always carry a fire extinguisher on board your caravan

* Consider joining a caravan club in your area to meet people with similar interests and gain new information about popular destinations, caravan equipment etc

* Ensure that you take your time purchasing a caravan, this will help you make the right decision for you and your family

* If you are going to be towing with an automatic vehicle, you should invest in a new oil cooler. Too many people get hit with problems just hours into their trip - the price you'll pay for an oil cooler will be cheaper than a new gearbox

* It is important when loading caravans that the heaviest items are packed on the bottom of the van, in the middle, above the wheels. Light items should be stored at the top, across the length of the caravan whilst medium weighted items should be distributed in the middle and both ends evenly

* Keep in mind when deciding if your towing vehicle can handle the caravan that equipment such as water, food, camping gear etc will generally add another 300kg to the weight of the empty caravan

* Many people have discovered the nuisance of losing the plug to their caravan sink, solve this by attaching a small chain from the plug to the sink

* Not all tow bars are created the same, so you will need to select a towbar that can handle your caravan plus more (as it will weigh more when packed)

* Packing some blocks of wood is a good idea, in case your site is on uneven ground

* Plan ahead, write a checklist when planning your caravan holiday so that you don't leave anything behind

* There are a number of accessories on the market to make your caravan holiday more comfortable. These accessories are useful in a variety of situations and you should consider utilising these for your next trip.

* Today's conventional vehicles are generally satisfactory for towing - as long as the vehicle manufacturer's towing recommendations are not exceeded.

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