Aboriginal Tent Embassy

Directly in front of Old Parliament House is the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Australias capital city, Canberra. The Aboriginal Tent Embassy is a semi-permanent assemblage claiming to represent the political rights of Australian Aborigines. It is made of a large group of activists, signs, and tents that reside on the lawn of Old Parliament House.

It was established in 1972, and although has been pulled down and rebuilt over the years is currently standing. The land on which the tents are situated was originally Aboriginal land with numerous artifacts being found on the site.

Aboriginal EmbassyThe Aboriginal Embassy is credited with bringing more immediate and much wider changes, although the possibility of some of these changes stemmed from the results of the referendum.

Aboriginal FireThe Aboriginal Tent Embassy is standing up for its land rights. The Aboriginal flag first received recognition at this point. You will also notice a fire which has been burning for many years, which the Aboriginal Tent Embassy and people will not let go out.

Aboriginal Tent EmbassyThere is a really interesting exhibition inside of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. You can read various articles and documentation, as well as see a wide selection of photographs and Aboriginal artwork.

There have been a number of suspicious events at the site of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. Some of these events include fires with the most devastating being the loss of 31 years of records when the container burnt down in June 2003.

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