Carnarvon is a fruit growing town, which offers a warm and tropical climate. Carnarvon is situated along the Gascoyne River, fronted by Babbage Island and Whitlock Island.

You can get to Babbage Island driving, from where there is a pleasant One Mile Jetty which offers good fishing, and a small Historical Precinct. Whitlock Island is accessible by a small footbridge which leads from Olivia Terrace.

There are a number of different things to do and tours available from Carnarvon including a tour around the town itself and tours to the nearby Mt Augustus in the Burringurrah National Park, and the Kennedy Ranges. You can also tour around some of the banana plantations and find out what goes on. All of the tours are very interesting.

There are several places to stay, based mainly around Olivia Terrace, although there are also some caravan parks dotted in various locations around town. There are also a number of good restaurants and places to eat out. You can get to Carnarvon on the Greyhound. There is also a flight to Carnarvon from Skywest.

Carnarvon Accommodation

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