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Central Tilba is just the prettiest working village where local artists, leather workers, woodturners, a cobbler and many others practice their crafts. Nestled at the foot of Mount Dromedary, the village was settled mostly during the gold rush years of the 1890's and 1900's and was recently identified as one of Australia's top 20 heritage sites.

Sample the specialty cheeses at the historic cheese factory or delicious gourmet pies from the bakery. Don't miss the lolly shop or the historic pub or first rate coffee houses, and homemade cakes, just to the north is the local winery. Just down the road at Tilba Tilba is the dazzling Foxglove Spire Gardens and special gift stores, a beautiful nursery and relaxed, mouth watering eatery.

All this is framed by the majesty of Mt. Dromedary, known as Gulaga to the indigenous Yuin people. Keen walkers can venture to the summit for a breathtaking panorama or you can experience local Aboriginal culture and visit Koori heritage sites with Umbarra Cultural Tours.

Central Tilba and its near neighbour, Tilba Tilba, encapsulates Australia in the early part of this and the latter part of the last century. Nowhere in Australia will you find such wonderful historic villages unchanged by modern architecture. Central Tilba was recognised in 1974 as a fine example history, as the entire village was listed on the National Estate.

Temperatures for Central Tilba

Central Tilba has moderate summer temperatures. The summer high temperature for Central Tilba is approximately 22 °c. The summer low temperature is approximately 15 °c.

Central Tilba has mild winter temperatures. The winter high temperature for Central Tilba is approximately 16 °c. The winter low temperature is approximately 6 °c.


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