Christmas Island

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Christmas Island is a beautiful island about 2300km north west of Perth, which has a predominant Asian and Oriental culture and makes up part of the Australian Indian Ocean Territories. Over half of the island is covered by the tropical forests of the National Park, with pretty beaches and rock pools covering the islands coastline.

Christmas Island offers some wonderful walks through the beautiful forests, as well as diving, fishing and surfing. The surf season is between November to March, while snorkeling is great between April to October. There are also some great places for you to explore on the island although to reach some places it is necessary to hire a 4WD or join one of the islands tours, both of which you can do from Kiat.

There is also plenty of wildlife on the island including Boobies, Frigate Birds, Golden Bosun Birds, Red Crabs, Robber Crabs and Whale Sharks. If you are on the island around Christmas, you may be lucky enough to see the Red Crabs on their breeding migration back to the sea. It might not sound a big deal, but they certainly manage to cover a lot of ground.

Flying Fish Cove and Settlement are where you will find most of the shops and facilities on the island. There is also a wide range of accommodation, suitable for all budgets. Eating out on the island is also good, with many wonderful Chinese and Malay style restaurants.

You can get to the island with Virgin Blue, which travels out to both Christmas Island and the Cocos Islands. From Christmas Island you can also fly to the Cocos Islands.

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