Coogee is about a 20 minute drive from Fremantle. With warm to hot summers and wonderfully temperate autumn and spring seasons, visitors will never be short of things to do and see on this gorgeous stretch of coast.

Coogee has a clean, safe and inviting beach which is ideal for a variety of leisure activities for boat and fishing enthusiasts, or for those simply wanting to relax on warm sand near cool water. A cable ski park in nearby Spearwood is open for adults and children to swim, ski, ride the slingshot and water slides.

Other attractions are an amusement park boasting a number of fun rides, pools and parks; Manning Reserve; Bibra Lake Reserve and, of course, the excitement and culture of historic Fremantle is right on Coogee's doorstep. Other attractions are Adventure World, Manning Reserve, Bibra Lake Reserve and of course the excitement and culture of historic Fremantle is on the doorstep.

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