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Coolgardie is an old gold mining town set within the Western Australia Goldfields. The towns population grew to a staggering 15,000 during the gold rush which started in 1892, although decreased rapidly as the gold ran out.

The name Coolgardie is said to be derived from the aboriginal word “Coolcaby,” which is in reference to the area’s mulga vegetation and gnamma waterholes. Over the years, Coolgardie was known by various names such as Bayley's Find, Fly Flat, The Old Camp and The Old Diggings.

There are some wonderful historical buildings around the town, which are worth visiting including Warden Finnerty’s Residence, the Pharmacy Museum, the Railway Museum and Historic Cemeteries.

Coolgardie Main StreetInside the tourist information building is a good Goldfields Exhibition, telling you about the history of the Goldfields. You can also learn about the history at the interesting Railway Station Museum. Another fun thing to do when visiting Coolgardie is join one of the camel treks.

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There are several places to stay around the town, with prices generally being quite reasonable. You can also get counter meals from the hotels, which aren't bad. To get to Coolgardie you can get on a Goldfields Express or a Greyhound bus service from Perth. There is also a train which runs from Perth , although the train stops at Bonnie Vale and then you are on your own to travel the 14km to Coolgardie.

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