Derby is set within King Sound, and is surrounded by large mud flats. Derby is a good base if you want to travel around the Kimberley and the spectacular ranges and National Parks nearby. From Derby you can head east along the surfaced Great Northern Highway, or take the outback adventure along the Gibb River Road.

Derby has a tropical climate which is pleasant for most of the year. With warm winters and hot, humid summers, the temperature is hardly ever cold which makes Derby a great holiday destination all year round. The warm weather also supports the activities Derby has on offer with a range of air, land and sea experiences.

Derby StreetThe streets have a distinctive character as Derby is the home to the boab tree. In the early days, Derby serviced the fledgling pastoral industry of the interior and the pearl shell industry of the Buccaneer Archipelago. Its wealth depended on the economic fluctuations of the mining and pastoral industries of its hinterland.

Derby MonumentThere are a number of things to do around Derby and some interesting buildings to visit around the town. You can find out about the history of Derby at Wharfinger's House, which is a small house at the end of Loch Street. The key is kept at the Tourist Information Centre, so ask in here if you want to go inside.

Just south of town are town large attractions (large in size and popularity). Myall's Bore is an ordinary bore, apart from the fact that it stretches about 120 metres along. Even more astonishing is the wonderful 1000 year old Prison Tree, which is 14 metres around and has a hollow trunk which is said to be the storing place of prisoners before they were taken to Derby Gaol.

If you don't fancy exploring the Kimberley on your own, or don't have your own transport, then there are a number of outback adventure tours available from Derby. Tours visit various places around Kimberley, so there is sure to be one that is suitable. You can also travel out to Cockatoo Island where there is a holiday resort.

There are several places to stay around Derby, mainly bases around Loch Street heading out towards the Derby Jetty. There are also a few restaurants, and a number of pubs and hotels serving counter meals. You can get to Derby on a flight with Qantas or on a Greyhound Bus.

Derby Accommodation

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