Devonian Reef National Parks

Devonian Reef National Parks include three different National Parks, the Geikie Gorge National Park, the Tunnel Creek National Park and the Windjana Gorge National Park. All of the parks started off as the Western Australia reef, around 350 million years ago, and now feature rocky landscapes and formation, rich gorges, and plenty of wildlife.

Geikie Gorge National Park is set around the Fitzroy River and is a short distance north east of Fitzroy Crossing. The landscape within in the park is amazing, which you get to see from the excellent walking track around the park. There is also plenty of wildlife within the park including Black Footed Wallabies, Freshwater Crocodiles, and Wallaroos.

The Tunnel Creek National Park is set within the Napier Range, and is home to the stunning Tunnel Creek. Tunnel Creek is a 3 metre by 15 metre, 750 metre long tunnel featuring a number of Aboriginal paintings and Aboriginal cave art inside. It is possible to walk all the way through the tunnel, although you will have to wade through water in some places. (Don't forget your torch either, as this generally helps to see the paintings and where you are going). One rule of this walk is not to do it in the Wet, as floods are very likely and can move in quickly.

Nearby is Lillimooloora, which was a police outpost, and the place where Constable Jandamarra Richardson (the 'Pigeon') was shot after catching and then later releasing the Aborigines caught spearing sheep.

North from here is the Windjana Gorge National Park home to the staggering Windjana Gorge which reaches a height of about 90 metres. There is a fabulous walk along the gorge, from the small camping ground within the Windjana Gorge National Park. The whole distance is about 7 km, although it is well worth it. You are also likely to see Freshwater Crocodiles (which may be a good or a bad thing).

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