If you are travelling to Tasmania on the Spirit of Tasmania, then Devonport will be your first port of call. On arriving at Tasmania the first thing you will see, will probably be the Mersey Bluff and the Bluff Lighthouse. Along with passenger ferries, the port is still active with the exportation of products from north Tasmania.

There are a number of museums and galleries around the town of interest to the visitor. The Don River Railway Museum is great for locomotive and transport lovers. To find out more about the Tasmanian Aborigines and Aboriginal art in the area then visit the Tasmanian Aboriginal Cultural and Art Centre, which you may hear called Tiagarra, meaning 'keep'. To find out about the general area then visit the interesting Tasmanian Maritime and Folk Museum and the Devonport Gallery.

From Devonport there are also plenty of tours you can take to the nearby bushland and rainforest areas. Various companies offer different tours. You can also head out to the Asbestos Range National Park, where you will be glad to know asbestos is no longer mined. The Springlawn Nature Walk only takes about an hour and is well worth it.

There are several backpackers and campsites in the area, situated along the coastline as well as along the Mersey River. There are also several other places to stay including motels, as well as some great and fairly reasonable places to eat around the town.

Devonport Accommodation

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