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Donnybrook is two and a half hours' drive south of Perth and is home to the state's apple growing industry. As well as apples, the area is known for its timber, beef and dairy industries. Donnybrook, known as the state's apple growing region, used to be home to the Granny Smith but now produces many other popular varieties of apples, like Lady Williams.

The original seedling tree came up on a property to the west of Donnybrook and is now 63 years old. Other varieties grown are Sundowner, Pink Lady, Fuji, Gala and Royal Gala. Visit a commercial orchard and take a stroll through the trees. When fruit is in season you can sample produce or purchase some to take home. Cider is also produced in the area. Apple harvest takes place from approximately March to May each year.

There are many arts and crafts places in Donnybrook and Balingup, and many scenic drives on offer. Historical buildings built from Donnybrook stone can be seen around the town. Visit a working quarry just out of town, its factory, and a fruit and vegetable packing shed in the centre of town. The name Donnybrook was used by five Irish immigrants who settled the area around 1842, to reminder their home country. Donnybrook was not gazetted as a town site until 12 October 1894.

Jarrah trees, renowned for their high quality timber are abundant in the area and timber mills contributed to the development of the region. A small family mill remains in Brookhampton. Unique to the south west of Western Australia was Donnybrook's "gold rush" which began in 1897 and only lasted four years.

The Trigwell family, which has been on the original land for many generations, has rebuilt the poppet head over the original Hunters Venture mine and turned the working orchard into a popular tourist attraction. Visitors can find many wood turning outlets throughout the Shire. The Apple Festival is held every year on Easter Sunday. Farm stay, self contained cottages, hotel and backpacker accommodation are available.

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