Employment Information

Employment Information

There are a variety of job opportunities in Australia. From retail to trade, hospitality to construction. The demand for specific industries varies across the different cities, towns and states of Australia. Travellers generally prefer casual work whilst in Australia, which is relatively easy to obtain and suits a traveller's requirements.

Finding a job soon after you arrive in Australia is a great way to gain income, meet new people and find your feet in the area. Jobs allow further insight into the Australian culture and give you some great experience to take with you both on your journey and when you return home. You can use the search box provided below to search for available jobs in your area.

Generally in Australia you will require the following when job searching and when you have gained employment:

* Tax file number

* Resume (CV)

* Contact number

A tax file number (TFN) is an unique number allocated to a person by the Australian Tax Office. You are required to have a TFN if you wish to work in Australia. You can apply for a TFN either online through www.ato.gov.au or return the appropriate form to your local ATO Agency. Once allocated this number will stay with you for life - you do not need to apply again.

A resume is a vital tool for any job hunting endeavour. A resume outlines your past experience, achievements, personal characteristics and qualifications. This information offers a potential employer valuable insight into your ability to do the job well.

It is important to be honest regarding your capabilities when compiling your resume. Doing this will ensure that you are hired for the job that is right for you. Consider including references or the contact details of past employers, teaching professionals etc which will provide further confirmation of your past achievements and ability.

If you are looking for employment in Australia it is recommended that you open an Australian bank account. The majority of employers in Australia will prefer to pay you electronically. Please see our Australian Banking section for information regarding the required identification and different Australian banks available.

Before seeking work in Australia you should be aware of the constraints of your visa. Some visas do not allow you to work whilst visiting the country or have restrictions on the type of work you are permitted to do and the amount of money you may earn.

You may consider applying for a 'Working Holiday Visa.' You may apply for this visa if you are between 18 and 30 years of age and looking at staying in Australia for up to 12 months. Under this visa you may obtain casual or temporary work throughout the 12 month stay, however, you may not work for the same employer for more than 6 months.

You may satisfy the criteria for a Skilled Workers Visa, whereby the Government grants a visa for persons skilled in specific occupations where there is a known shortage. There are particular industries where Skilled Workers are currently in demand including*:

* Mining

* Hospitality

* Furniture Making

* Trades

* Construction

* Health Services

* Automotive

* Urban and Town Planning

* This is a guide and in no way a comprehensive list. Demands for Skilled Workers varies within the different states, as do the required occupations.

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