Exmouth is a great base from which to join one of the many fabulous eco-tourism tours around the area. Exmouth is situated on the northern tip of the North West Cape which offers a number of nearby attractions. There is also a fantastic swimming beach at Pebbley Beach.

The primary recorded landing in the area was in 1618, by the Dutch Captain Jacobz of the Mauritius. Australian Captain Phillip Parker King later visited in 1818 and named the peninsula North West Cape, and also named Exmouth Gulf after a British Royal Naval Officer.

Lighthouse ViewOne the tip of the North West Cape is the Vlaming Head Lighthouse which has breathtaking views of the spectacular Coral Coast. There is also a shipwreck near here, which you can just about see poking out of the water. This is the SS Mildura which was beached on the North west Cape back in 1907.

Exmouth StreetThere are a number of different tours around Exmouth where you get to see and do many different things. Activity safaris around the coastal landscape of Exmouth are available, while other operators offer eco-tours around the Coral Coast. From exmouth there are also diving courses, fishing charters, and Whale watching cruises.

There is a selection of accommodation in Exmouth, and several holiday resorts. There are also a number of restaurants around the town.

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