3 Day Kakadu Litchfield 4WD Unleashed (Wet Season)

3 Day Kakadu Litchfield 4WD Unleashed (Wet Season) - TouringWatch the Top End come to life under a wet season sky. This is a time when the national parks of the Northern Territory take on a different feel, when the colours of the trees and plants really shine, when others stay away and we have the gullies and gorges, billabongs and plunge pools all to ourselves.

Cruise on the lookout for crocs, see ancient rock art, learn the ways of Kakadu's original inhabitants, and climb to viewpoints to lookout across Australia’s biggest national park. Head off the summer sun’s heat while you splash about in the waters of Kakadu and Litchfield’s raw and rugged terrain. This trip will show you a different side to the tropical Top End.

Day 1 : Kakadu National Park and the East Alligator River

There’s a lot to the Northern Territory beyond its iconic red rock and dust – it’s also a place full of water and wildlife, especially in the west season. Start today by entering the lands of a classic Aussie animal – the saltwater crocodile. After a pickup from the accommodation, head to the Adelaide River for a croc cruise. See how many you can spot – it shouldn’t be hard, the species found here is the biggest in the world. Afterwards it’s on towards Kakadu National Park. Get an idea of how Indigenous people have lived in this area for over 20,000 years at Nourlangie (or Burrunggui), where environmental and social changes are reflected in the rock art. Then clamber up a rocky escarpment to the Gunwhardewharde lookout for 360-degree views across over the escarpment, including Nawurlandja. Get a better understanding of the local Aboriginal people of Kakadu with a visit to the Warradjan Cultural Centre and then we make our way to Mardugal Safari camp, nestled in the heart of Kakadu. A perfect way to end this first day is with a Great Aussie BBQ with an opportunity to try our taste plate of Crocodile, Buffalo and Kangaroo.

Notes: Walking distance today is around 3 kilometres. From December to February, we’ll stay in dorm share accommodation, while in November, March and April, you’ll be zipping yourself up in a swag.

Included Activities
Kakadu National Park Fee
Gunwhardewharde Lookout
Nourlangie Rock
Jumping Crocodile Cruise

Meals Included

Day 2 : Kakadu, Gunlom Falls and Ikoymarrwa Rock Holes

Today’s a day of big gorges, big walks, and big swims. The falls will all be roaring this season, so first we’ll head for Gunlom Falls (if it’s accessible), for a dip in the massive pool just below the waterfall and a steep climb to the top that’ll be rewarded with gorgeous views across southern Kakadu. If the road’s not passable, then it’s on to Yurmikmik. This walk will take you through the diverse Kakadu terrain, through woodlands and monsoon forest. These walks will get the heart rate up – but there’s always that refreshing swim waiting at the end. We’ll continue to ramble about in the 4WD as we make our way to Ikoymarrwa Rock Holes (Moline) for another swim. We’re lucky to share this hidden place – it’s a special permit area, not available to most tour operators, recognised for its cultural and environmental sensitivity. Sit and listen to the sounds of the water and the wildlife, then slip into the pool. The days are hot during the wet season and storms often build up, so it’ll be time to head to our camp at Pine Creek. Tonight you’ll enjoy the comfort of air-conditioned dorm rooms, but you can also get back in your swag if you’d prefer.

Notes: Walking distance today is around 8 kilometres.

Included Activities
Gunlom Falls
Ikoymarrwa Rock Holes (Moline)
Motor Car Falls

Meals Included

Day 3 : Litchfield, Wangi Falls, Tolmer Falls and Buley Rockholes

Litchfield might be near to Darwin, but we’re definitely in the heart of the wilderness here. The park is named after a Top End explorer but has long been important to the Mak Mak Marranunggu, Werat and Waray Indigenous people. A collection of top-notch waterholes and waterfalls, Litchfield is somewhere you definitely want to have you swimming gear on hand for. Stop by the large falls and sunbathing rocks of Wangi Falls, before we make our way to Tolmer Falls for some spectacular views over the park. Relaxing or splashing about in the multiple plunge pools of Buley Rockhole is on the menu before a picnic lunch, then a final dip in the monsoon forest double-plunge cascade of Florence Falls. After we’ve had our final fill of swimming, we’ll head back towards Darwin, stopping to admire the building skills of termites, who’ve constructed the Giant Cathedral Termite and Magnetic Termite mounds. Your Northern Territory adventure comes to an end back in Darwin around 5:30pm.

Notes: Walking distance today is around 2 kilometres.

Included Activities
Litchfield National Park
Wangi Falls
Florence Falls
Buley Rockholes
Tolmer Falls
Giant Termite Mounds

Meals Included


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