3 Hour Dolphin and Seal Swim Sightseeing Cruise

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3 Hour Dolphin and Seal Swim Sightseeing Cruise - Dolphin & Whale WatchJoin in on the fun and excitment of swimming with wild Bottle Nose Dolphins and Australian Fur Seals only 90 minutes south of Melbourne. This is the ultimate cruise for anybody who loves dolphins and seals. During our popular cruise you will have the opportunity to swim with the seals for about thirty minutes before we visit Port Phillip Bay where we will swim with the dolphins. There is even an opportunity to capture your adventure on film.

Our tour commences with an introductory on board safety briefing, covering all the facilities, cafe and the best places to observe the animals.

Then cruising past the amazing cliff top homes and private beaches off Sorrento and Portsea, on our way out into the sheltered shallows of Port Phillip Bay. With your family and friends we head off to Chinaman's Hat, a local spot where the ever curious Australian Fur Seals are waiting to show you some amazing sights.

If you have selected a Swimmer Package, you will get to swim with the seals for approximately 30 minutes, our friendly guides are always close by to lend a hand or offer you some further advice if needed. Before departing from the Fur Seals, our guides will give you the opportunity to take some close up photos of these beautiful seals, whilst providing you with some interesting facts on these wonderful animals.

From Chinaman's Hat, we cruise over to Popes Eye whilst enjoying a warm cup of tea from our friendly crew in the cafe, we arrive at Popes Eye Marine Park for a look at the Australasian Gannets and the vast array of sea birds colonising here at the Marine Park, you will have the opportunity to snorkel around Victoria's oldest marine park to view the array of friendly colourful fish, brightly coloured sea stars and the occasional friendly stingray.

From here on, we cruise magnificent Port Phillip Bay in search of the inspiring Bottlenose Dolphins that we affectionately call our friends. Our technique will place you right next to the action - where you will have a fantastic view into the world of the dolphins.

If you have selected the Swimmer Package it is on with your mask and snorkel and you enter the water, swimming into their domain. You will swim with the dolphins in small groups taking it in turns to experience this truly awesome experience - and one you will never forget!

You have the freedom to walk around the boat and enjoy the many changing sights; our friendly crew will be serving morning or afternoon tea and some very warming hot drinks.

On our way back to Sorrento, you can enjoy morning of afternoon tea, take a hot shower or just sit back and enjoy the sun shine, and crystal waters of our beautiful bay.

The memories of this experience will remain with you forever and you too will have photos and stories to share among your fellow travellers.


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