6 Day Adelaide to Eyre Peninsula

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6 Day Adelaide to Eyre Peninsula - AdventuresThe Eyre Peninsula is Australia's Seafood Frontier and the 6 day tour looks to combine the best of the coastal attractions with the stunning Flinders Ranges!

It is a Jump on Jump off tour with passengers joining the first two days of the Adelaide to Perth Tour. Passengers then join the 9 day Perth to Adelaide Tour for day 4, 5 and 6 of the tour.

Day 1 : Adelaide - Flinders Ranges National Park

Journey into the rustic, rugged gorges, abandoned homesteads and Red Gums of the Southern Flinders Ranges. With a break at Clare for those that were unable to get their morning fix of coffee/tea we take a small break to do so. We then head north to one of the oldest mountain ranges on earth, the Flinders Ranges, where we venture to the bottom of Alligator Gorge and walk through the narrows and onto the terraces formed from an ancient seabed. Look for and feel the ripples of the sand still there in the rock today.

After lunch we make our way along the eastern edge of the range towards Warren Gorge, stopping for a break in Quorn. Quorn is home to the Pichi Richi Railway, which played an important role in linking the different gauges of railway line crossing the continent. It wasn’t until 1970 that the Indian-Pacific (Transcontinental) made its first unbroken run from Sydney to Perth. By 1980 the Pichi Richi line was obsolete. We stop at Dutchman’s Stern Conservation Park where we take the time to walk to the top of the range. Named by Mathew Flinders in 1802 for it’s resemblance of a Dutch sailing ship, this spectacular walk is a great way to finish the day and gives us our first real look to the West

As the sun is setting and while your evening meal is being prepared, you will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful Warren gorge in the Flinders Ranges. It is here that you will get the opportunity to see a Yellow-Footed rock wallaby, almost driven to extinction by introduced “Feral” animals, at Warren Gorge they are beginning to “Bounce Back!”

Overnight : Swagbushcamp at Warren Gorge

Day 2 : Flinders Ranges National Park - Coodlie Park (Eyre Peninsula)

The Eyre Peninsula is one of those great secrets many people have not yet discovered. Teeming with some of Australia's most amazing and outstanding real wildlife experiences, the lack of a major airport and too far to drive for most domestic travellers, this piece of paradise is one that only those who have been, can give that knowing smile of discovery of a very special place indeed.

Back on the road we pass through Port Augusta and onto Kimba. If you are lucky you might be able to spot the biggest galah you have ever seen! We will have lunch at Kimba and then we head for a walk around Venus Bay south headland, Talia Caves and the Lake Newland Sand dunes to go sandboarding.

In the afternoon we arrive at Coodlie Park Farm Retreat. This working farm has traditional cropping, sheep and a project of tree planting on their own land to offset their own carbon emissions. Tonight you could be sharing a meal with the bus coming from Perth.

Overnight : Swagcamp at swaghuts at Coodlie Park Bushcamp

Day 3 : Coodlie Park - Baird Bay

This morning we head out to swim with the ever cheeky and playful sea lions and dolphins at Baird Bay. A pristine coast line and sanctuary for a multitude of land and sea animals. This outsource adventure done by Baird Bay eco tours is an optional experience ($150 p.p.). It is a 3-4 hour tour that will remain a beautiful memory for the rest of your life.

Having had lunch at the picnic spot at Bairds, onto Murphy’s Haystacks, incredible granite rock formations sculptured into wondrous and weird shapes over millions of years.

Overnight : Swaghuts at Coodlie Park Bushcamp

Day 4 : Coodlie Park - Mikkira Station

This morning we travel on toward Elliston to do the great ocean tourist drive and a last look at the amazing cliffs of the bight at Locks Well, 378 steps to the beach. Travelling on to Port Lincoln.

Lunch will be on the foreshore in Port Lincoln before letting you loose to discover down town Port Lincoln.

Mikkira Station is where we camp on a private campground with Koalas in nearly every tree. We have time to go for a walk around the property to see some Giant Yakkas and see if you can find some koalas in the Manna Gum.

Overnight : Swagcamp at Mikkira Station

Day 5 : Port Lincoln - Port Neill

For some, today is an extreme adrenalin day! Those that dare come face to face with the Great White Shark on a day tour this is an optional experience ($495 p.p.) which includes a video highlights of your experience. Up at 5.30 am to board the vessel by 6.30 am.

For those not wishing to be quite so extreme, we head out to Whalers Way Conservation Park for some spectacular and stunning coastlines. If we are lucky we will see some kangaroos and emus in this privately owned Flora and Fauna Reserve. This drive is followed by a walk in the Lincoln National park and to have a relaxed lunch and maybe a swim, then a visit to Glen Forest Wildlife Park and visit the wildlife you saw on the Nullarbor up close. You even get to hand feed some of the animals.

Overnight : Swag camp at Port Neill

Day 6 : Port Neill - Adelaide

We head through Whyalla and into Port Augusta and the Wadlata Cultural Centre that helps provide answers to the many questions about the formation of the Nullarbor, Flinders Rangers, and the formation of Australia as a continent. It also takes you on an interpretative walk through the life of the new frontier pioneers. We then head to the Southern Flinders Ranges, Mount Remarkable National Park for lunch and a walk through Davey's Gully. After lunch we hit the road for one last time and head for South Australia’s capital city Adelaide.

Tour Highlights

Explore the Flinders Ranges with some bushwalks
Sleep in a swag
Swim with the Sea lions and Dolphins ($150pp)
Take on our giant sand dunes!
Visit the Koalas at Mikkira Station
Overcome your fears and cage dive with the Great Whites ($495pp)
Whalers Way Conservation Park
Port Lincoln National Park
Glen Forest Wildlife Park
Wadlata Interpretative Cultural Centre

We hope that you enjoy this tour which combines the best of the stunning Flinders Ranges and the Eyre Peninsula!


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