Moutain Bike Core Skills Day

Moutain Bike Core Skills Day - Bike & SkateLets go back to basics. We will focus on some of the most important skills you can ever learn. This begins with us briefly covering bike set-up and your body position and stance on your bike, so you are totally comfortable on your bike before we start getting too technical.

We cover techniques such as track stands, manuals and wheel lifts, and we will also go riding to attempt these skills ‘on the trail’. You may be surprised what bad habits you had picked up, or how much your riding improves by going back to basics.


Bike checks and set-up
Correct balance
Weight shift and movement on your bike
Climbing and descending techniques
The four key MTB skills
Manual front wheel lifts
Power-assisted Front wheel lifts
Rear wheel lifts
Track stand and more.


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