2 Day Mountain Bike Skills Course

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2 Day Mountain Bike Skills Course - Bike & SkateThis 2-day mountain bike course will get you out on trails and riding with more confidence and skill. Whether you have just had a few rides off-road, or have been riding for a while but want to get your riding to the next level, this course is for you.

You will be amazed how you improve by going back and learning the basics correctly, and build on your current skills and abilities. Book this experience online today for a great outdoor experience.

This course is suited to almost all standards of rider, and we find beginner / intermediate riders, and advanced level riders can all learn from these courses at the same time. It is however recommended that you have at least tried some fire track riding and are comfortable on your bike before commencing the course.

Day 1:
This begins with us briefly covering the bike set-up and your body position and stance on your bike, so you are totally comfortable on your bike before we start getting too technical! We then will ”˜de-construct' what you thought you knew, and start with some key ideas and skills.

We will cover techniques such as track stands, manuals and wheel lifts, and we will also go riding to attempt these skills ”˜on the trail'. You may be surprised what bad habits you had picked up, or how much your riding improves by going back to basics!

Day 2:
This is where we ”˜re-construct”˜ your riding. We start off by building on the skills learnt on day 1 and how you can use those skills and techniques to tackle much harder and more difficult obstacles and skills.

You may be amazed how you can use what you already know to ride things you thought impossible! We will cover such skills as drop-offs, step-ups, technical climbs and high speed cornering techniques. We will then go out on the trails and all get a chance to put what we have learnt into practice!

Class Includes:

Note: To participate in this experience you will need a fully operational mountain bike and helmet and some other equipment. A full list of requirements will be sent out upon booking.

These days are NOT run concurrently as this allows participants to practice their skills after day 1, and attempt day 2 when they are comfortable and ready.

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, the rates listed are for the 2018 - 2019 season. The 2018 - 2019 season rates are valid from the 1st April 2018 - 31st March 2019. The 2019 - 2020 season rates commence on the 1st April 2019.

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