Solo Skydiving Adventure

Solo Skydiving Adventure - Sky DivingIf you have been tandem skydiving and are keen to take your adventure to the next level then book your solo skydive jump with us. You will not find a better price to learn to skydive anywhere in Australia.

If you are ready for another shot of adrenaline, then go solo with the world standard skydive training program: AFF (Accelerated Freefall).

Come and join the extreme club of skydiving and take your skydive experience to the next level. Your reward is the key to freedom to explore all aspects of one of the most popular and adrenalin sports in the world, Skydiving.

The Stage 1 AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) takes place over two days and on the first day there will be a full day of ground training. Your training will cover theory and practice and you will familiarized with the parachute system, how to control your freefall and landing techniques and emergency procedures.

On the following day you will come back for your solo skydive from 14,000 feet. Before you climb into our aircraft we will carry out our safety checks. Once everybody is ready we climb into our light aircraft and climb to an altitude of 14,000 feet. Before you have a chance to think about anything you will be free falling solo for the very first time. Your instructors will be by your side and once you reach 4,500 feet you will pull the rip cord and prepare to land.

Included in this experience is:

• Full Days ground training
• All equipment, jumpsuit, log book, parachute, altimeter and briefing notes
• 14,000 feet skydive
• First Solo Certificate
• Instructors and briefings


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NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, the rates listed are for the 2022 - 2023 season. The 2022 - 2023 season rates are valid from the 1st April 2022 - 31st March 2023. The 2023 - 2024 season rates commence on the 1st April 2023.


Due to the ongoing and evolving nature of Covid-19 restrictions and the unpredictable impact it is having on bookings we have temporarily ceased taking new reservations for this package. If you have a gift voucher that you would like to redeem please contact us and we will be happy to check availability.

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