Coastal Track Two Day Walk of the Royal National Park Sydney

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Coastal Track Two Day Walk of the Royal National Park Sydney - Bushwalking, Nature & WildlifeGuided walk of the spectacular Coastal Walk one of the classic Sydney bushwalks. This walk features the dramatic coastline of the Royal National Park south of Sydney. Experience the unusual milky white cliff faces sculpted by the sea, ancient Aboriginal carvings, unspoilt beaches and the tranquil Palm Jungle rainforest. Our 2 day glamping package includes your bags carried, gourmet meals and alcohol.

Join this guided walk on the Spectacular Coastal Walk Track, also known as the Coastal Track, or Coast Track, one of the classic Sydney bushwalks.

This walk features the dramatic coastline of the Royal National Park south of Sydney. Experience the unusual milky white cliff faces sculpted by the sea, ancient Aboriginal carvings, the distinctive Eagle Rock, unspoilt beaches and the tranquil Palm Jungle rainforest.

Day 1 : 11kms (7 miles)

From Bundeena wharf we walk along the track through coastal heathland to Jibbons Head where you get your first look at the spectacular coastal views which make this walk so special. On a large flat expanse of sandstone the Aboriginal inhabitants of this area the Dharawal people engraved a number of subjects into the rock. Some are distinct, but you should be able to make out three large whales or sharks, a stingray, a jellyfish, a male figure with six fingers assumed to be a law- maker, a wallaby, a shield and a tortoise. (The sandstone is very sensitive to visitor's walking boots. Please ensure to walk with great care while accessing this site).

The relict cliff-top dunes we will explore between Jibbon and Marley Beach Formed during the sea level rise roughly 10,000 years ago and are the most extensive and best preserved examples in New South Wales. The rock platform drops down from Marley Head to the wild but beautiful Marley Beach. There is few untouched and totally natural beaches left in Sydney, but Marley Beach is one of them. A large freshwater lagoon behind the dunes teems with bird life and is a favourite haunt of deer. The track continues along the shoreline to just above the rocks to the pleasant cove of Little Marley. Little Marley is an arc of yellow sand backed by grassy flats dominated by she-oaks.

From here the track runs close to the cliff edge where great blocks of sandstone have fallen from the cliff face and constant weathering has opened up long, deep cracks in the flat rock. The beauitful colours and patterns in the bare sandstone are caused by iron and other minerals seeping into the white quartz sand. The views from here are stunning.

We meander through a heath-covered plateau, in spring this area is ablaze with wildflowers including wattles, grevilleas, banksias and hakeas. The track crosses Wattamolla Creek above a large swimming pool formed by a dam blocking the creek. Along the creek there are a number of natural pools and cascades.

We arrive at beautiful Wattamolla at around 4.30pm, one of the most popular beaches in the park. Sand across the picturesque inlet at Wattamolla forms a small beach trapping the waters of Wattamolla Creek to form a large lagoon. Known after its aboriginal title, Watta-Mowlee meaning "place near running water", referring to the waterfall that runs into the lagoon, the name was first recorded by the explorer Mathew Flinders who stopped here on the evening of 29 March 1796 looking for shelter.

Our exclusive campsite at Wattamolla is situated on the cliffs above the lagoon and beach with magnificent coastal views. This campsite is exclusive to our group only on the night - with no other public walkers permitted to camp here. We arrive at our campsite with your bags waiting for you in your tent and a glass of wine chilled and ready for your arrival.

Enjoy free time before dinner to have a swim in Wattamolla's beautiful freshwater lagoon or beach. Hot showers are also available for those that wish to clean up before dinner.

Sit back under a sky of twinkling stars and enjoy a cheese and antipasto platter followed by a wonderful dinner including fresh snapper, Rogan Josh with Jasmine Rice, gourmet salads, mediterranean vegetables, and a dessert of french berry crepes with cream.

Day Two : 15.5kms (9.6 miles)

After a hot and cold breakfast we head to Curracurrang, there is a rock shelter where evidence has been found of Aboriginal occupation dating back 7500 years. We cross the Curra moors which are beautiful in springtime with wildflowers and honeyeaters. The Royal's heathlands contain over 500 species of flowering plants. From July to November, many of these wildflowers are in full bloom, and you can walk amidst a riot of colour of hakea and kunzea.

We continue to Curracurrong where two creeks drop as waterfalls directly into the ocean and spectacular Eagle Rock juts from the cliffs a massive block of sandstone with a tip shaped like the beak of an eagle. We continue through the Curra Moors until reaching the Garie North Head where the views are one of the finest in the park with vistas south to Port Kembla. Large aboriginal midden can be seen from this site near the beach where harvested shells, bones, and tools have been discarded.

We pass the historic shacks of South Era, classified by the National Trust as a historic community. The cabins were built and used during the early 1920s through to the depression years of the 1930s. Out of work men supported their families catching fish, rabbits and growing vegetables. Along the way enjoy a delicious lunch.

We head down to Burning Palms, the lovely beach is backed by Cabbage Tree Palms, lilly pillys and other rainforest plants. We cross open grassland before entering the rainforest. Enroute to Palm Jungle we travel through an exposed hillside of lomandra. Both the fleshy white base and the flowers of lomandra were food sources for the local Dharawal people.

The Palm Jungle is a rare patch of coastal rainforest dominated by Cabbage Tree Palms. The canopy is closed and the track is cool and shaded. Moss and ferns cover the ground and rocks. Bangalay eucalypts emerge from the canopy and large figs are scattered along the steep slopes.

We continue to Otford where your journey ends at approximately 4.00pm. We will have a celebratory toast of our accomplishment and say our final farewells, the end of a fantastic journey.

For those that drove, you car will be waiting at the end of the walk at Otford so you can simply jump in and go.
For those taking public transport we will transfers you to one of the busier nearby stations of Sutherland etc with more frequent trains (as train only arrive at Otford Railway station every hour).
Or if you have chosen transfers we will take you back to the Sydney CBD.

Package Includes

Your overnight bag transported to our waterfront campsite
Spacious "walk-in" Touring Tents featuring...
- Off the ground beds with deluxe mattresses and stretcher set up and ready for your arrival
- Deluxe Sleeping Air Mattresses
Professionally guided - Our guides are so passionate, knowledgeble and enthusiastic, they will be having just as much fun as you.
Fruit each day and a Trail mix bag with museli bars, nuts, dried nuts and chocolate
1 x Breakfast including fresh fruit platter, yogurt, cereals, bacon and eggs or omelettes, freshly brewed coffee, 3 types of teas, chai lattes, hot chocolates and juice.
2 x lunches
Pre-dinner cheeses, dips, antipasto and watercrackers
1 x delicious dinner. Our menu changes for each trip, delicious dishes such as Thai snapper, mediterrean vegetables, rogan josh with jasmine rice, french berry crepes with fresh cream, will all tempt your tastebuds
Australian Red and White Wine, beer and refreshments to enjoy with your evening meal.
Please note we advise drinking in moderation as this is a strenuous walk. If you would like to enjoy any alcohol after dinner you will need to provide this yourself.
Cooking, dining and camping equipment.
National Park fees and entry fees

You are sure to have an exciting adventure on our tour!


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