Training Flight in a Light Aircraft

Training Flight in a Light Aircraft - Learn To FlyAre you keen to feel the exhilaration as you take control and experience flight from the pilots seat. With our Training Flight in a Light Aircraft this is your chance to live the dream and take to the skies with an expert instructor who will assist you in flying the aircraft for your first lesson.

Your Training Flight in a Light Aircraft experience commences with a classroom briefing on the effects of the aircraft controls, plus all you need to know to enable you to control the aircraft on your first lesson.

Next your instructor will take you through the pre-flight inspection of the aircraft that you will be flying before you take your place in the pilot's seat.

Before taking off your instructor will talk you through the start up, taxiing and take-off, then once you are ready you will take to the sky for your first real flying experience. The flight is to the south of Moorabbin airport and you will spend approximately 30 minutes at the controls. After your flight you will be able to document your flight in your pilot log book. You will also have time to ready your aviation textbook before your next flight.

Then before you know it you will be taking your seat in our light aircraft again. Before take off your insttuctor will brief you on how to fly the aircraft straight and level. This flight lasts for 60 amazing minutes.

On your return back to the airport you will be given a tour of the Moorabbin air traffic control facilities and you will also receive a family pass to the National Air Museum. This is the ultimate experience for anybody who has ever dreamed of becoming a pilot!!


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