Petermann Pound 15 Minute Helicopter Flight

Petermann Pound 15 Minute Helicopter Flight - Helicopter FlightIf you've made it this far into the outback of Australia, then don't miss the opportunity to take to the skies in our helicopter for a tour of the spectacular Petermann Pound. This massive natural crater is a haven for wild horses and camels, which often frequent the riverbeds in search of water and food.

The helicopter tour begins with a climb out over the impressive George Gill Range, and then a descent into the remote Petermann Pound. Hang onto your seats as we drop below the rim of the pound in search of beautiful wild camels and wild horses. The Petermann Pound is a visual spectacle that is awe-inspiring to behold!

As you climb back out of the pound, view Stokes Bluff, the surrounding waterholes and various riverbeds on your return track to Kings Creek Station.

For the adventurous, you may also like to ask your pilot for a “Doors Off” flight, so that you really get to feel the wind in your hair, taking in an aerial view that simply cannot be surpassed. 15 minutes of pure enjoyment and exhilaration!

The “Doors Off” option is also ideal for any budding aerial photographers!


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