Nepean River Gorge Cruise

Nepean River Gorge Cruise - Sailing & Yacht CharterThe Nepean River Gorge Tour is a 2 hour river cruise with a difference; it's for 2 passengers only. This creates an intimate and personal tour of one of Australia's most beautiful natural formations. This is a wonderful gift for any birthday, mother's or father's day, Christmas or just to say thanks to someone special.

At the Tench reserve wharf you hop aboard the full survey craft and take off upstream with a friendly and experienced guide. As he is also the local fishing guide, Steve Defina knows every nook and cranny of the river and its surrounds. The craft is only 5 metres in length but any larger and you wouldn't be able to access the best parts of the river. Participants are taken through some very shallow water which opens up to what seems like virgin aussie bush, which virtually no one else has access to.

You will venture approximately 20km up the Nepean River and into the Warragamba River and Gorge just below the famous dam wall. After rain, the gorges are dotted with waterfalls, you may be able to get up close to the environmental flow release from the dam which forms a high, thundering waterfall - it runs all year!

Upon reaching this point, you will be powered by the virtually silent on board electric motor so you can take in the silence and solitude. Marvel at the sounds of the Australian wilderness, the Bell Birds are everyone's favourite. Warragamba Gorge is filled with a variety of different fauna including an indigenous Kingfisher species that has the most amazing colouring, with deep blue wings and a bright orange vest, which appear dazzlingly in the sun light. The gorges are also home to 3 types of Sea Eagles, great to see in flight and a real treat if you see them swooping down with talons set to capture a fish.

Along the way you will also be able to view some wonderful feeder creeks, such as Glenbrook Creek the home of the famous "jellybean pool", as well as the high cliffs surrounding Erskines Creek which is home to "word cave", also known as bushranger cave.

The 2 hour trip concludes back at the wharf where there is lots of parking as well as a coffee club across the road. Have a relaxing sit down as you remember all the wonderful sights of your own personal Nepean Gorge adventure.


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