Tandem Skydive on Coolum Beach

Tandem Skydive on Coolum Beach - Sky DivingSo you want to jump from a perfectly good aeroplane... Tandem Skydiving is not easy to describe and even harder to forget! It is a positively thrilling experience that is awesome fun, giving spectacular sights and exhilarating sensations. Choose between a 10,000ft or 14,000ft skydive over this fantastic location.

The ground training before your Tandem jump is easy and is approximately 15 minutes in duration. You are fitted with a jumpsuit and harness and are taught the positions required for exiting the aircraft, for freefall, for the opening of the parachute and for the landing.

You board the aircraft with your Instructor and climb to exit altitude – skydiving is mostly about freefall, so the higher you go the more you get! The ride to height is a terrific 15-20 minute flight taking in the sights.

At exit altitude the aircraft flies over the top of the landing area. The door opens and it's show time. Smile to your video cameraflyer and go for it – JUMP!

The moment you exit the plane your fears will vanish and be replaced with sensations of absolute FUN, SPEED and ENJOYMENT. Freefall is one of the most exhilarating and exciting feelings known to the human race, and you get to enjoy it for up to one whole minute.

Then, at 5,000ft your Instructor pulls the ripcord to open your tandem parachute. You will slow down within 3 – 6 seconds. The opening of the parachute is an awesome feeling – while you will be disappointed the freefall had to end, you will be very happy to feel that parachute opening above you!

Flying around under canopy is a breathtaking sensation and the view is fantastic. Your Tandem Instructor will even let you try flying the parachute!

This is a unique feeling of flight and for most people the parachute ride is as exciting as the freefall. After approximately 5 minutes of flying your Instructor will guide the parachute down for a pinpoint landing.


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