Kalbarri Dolphin Encounter Tour

Kalbarri Dolphin Encounter Tour - Dolphin & Whale WatchUpon departure we head south along the breathtaking coastal cliffs. Each 2 hour dolphin watching tour is an opportunity to get close to Bottlenose dolphins as they interact with each other in their marine environment.

Dolphins seem to have as much of an interest in human beings as humans have in them. As the Bottlenose dolphins swim alongside the boat, they roll and turn to peer up at the passengers with their dark, round eyes and if they are in a playful mood they might surprise us with some amazing acrobatics.

Our indepth knowledge of the dolphins, where they tend to travel along the Kalbarri coastline and their habitat is based on 16 years of dolphin watching experience in Kalbarri. Come cruising and share in the wonder and excitement of meeting dolphins in the wild. Our friendly 'locals' are waiting to greet you all year round.


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NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, the rates listed are for the 2020 - 2021 season. The 2020 - 2021 season rates are valid from the 1st April 2020 - 31st March 2021. The 2021 - 2022 season rates commence on the 1st April 2021.

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