Kalbarri Sunset Cruise

Kalbarri Sunset Cruise - Sailing & Yacht CharterKalbarri is one of the best locations to see the sunset from the sea. Embark on a 1.5 hour sunset cruise and let us take you up close to the fabulous Kalbarri coastal cliffs. The tour includes Red Bluff, Mushroom Rock, Rainbow Valley , Pot Alley and Eagle gorge while the sun dips into the ocean and the rocks take on the colour of fire.

Join us for a relaxing cruise and take in one of Kalbarri's most treasured assets, our beautiful sunsets. Our vessels cruise south and stay close to shore for you to get the best possible view of the fabulous shoreline and cliffs.

Jacques' point, the famous Kalbarri “surfing hotspot” is on the way and when the swell is pumping you will get a close up of surfers ripping the waves! With a bit of luck our “local” bottlenose dolphins will pay us a visit.

Bring a few drinks and your camera to catch that truly memorable sunset.

The spectacular scenery of Kalbarri's coastline is the result of many millions of years of geological formation. Beneath the landscape are deep, horizontal bands of multi-coloured sands which were deposited in layers some 400 million years ago. The thinly bedded, red and white banded rocks seen at the foot of Red Bluff were deposited by tidal flats. The sedimentary rock formation found on the coast is called Tumblagooda sandstone. Along the coast,wind and wave erosion has exposed the layers of the coastal cliffs that rise more than 100 metres above the ocean.


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