Tandem Skydive over the Great Ocean Road

Tandem Skydive over the Great Ocean Road - Sky DivingWith a smorgasbord of good and giddy feelings, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better way to bask in the glory of the Great Ocean Road than a skydive. The ultimate heart-pounder. The experience to trump all experiences. This collision of scenery and adrenaline will stay with you for a lifetime.

Choose to dive from up to 12,000 feet or up to 15,000 feet, either way, you’ll witness this dynamic region from a whole new perspective. Rustle up your bravery and join us for a skydive over the Great Ocean Road.

An Australian icon known for big waves and dramatic scenery, there’s no better place to buckle in for the ride of your lifetime. Exceeding every adrenaline rush you’ve known in the past, our Great Ocean Road skydive is the ultimate taste of the wild. An unfathomable slap to the senses in the greatest possible way, we invite you to have your reality altered with a skydive over the Great Ocean Road.

A little over an hour from the city of Melbourne, our Great Ocean Road dropzone is an invitation to explore this dramatic part of coastal Victoria. After a gentle cruise around Port Phillip Bay and through the city of Geelong, you’ll be harnessing up hitting the skies in a jaw-dropping jiffy.

You’ll be flying over some 630 shipwrecks, hammered by the region’s brutal seas.

Bells Beach will be below you, home to the longest-running event in competitive surfing.

You’d need 80 limestone apostles on top of each other to reach your skydive height.

Expect spectacular views of Barwon Heads, Geelong and the rugged Bass Strait.


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