Triple Pack Introductory Gliding Adventure at 3000 Feet

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Triple Pack Introductory Gliding Adventure at 3000 Feet - GlidingEnjoy the unique experience of a silent gliding flight from 3,000 ft. Fly the glider yourself and bask in the wonderful Victorian countryside below you. The best part of your gliding adventure is that you will get to do it three times.

Glider flights commence with the glider being towed to your chosen release height by a powered "tug" aircraft.

After some safety instructions and demonstrations you'll take the front seat of your sleek glider, with your instructor seated behind you. Once the required height is reached your qualified instructor releases the glider from the tow and the wonderful experience of "silent flight" commences.

You will take in the magnificent views of the Great Dividing Range (and its stunning mountains including Mt. Buffalo and Mt. Buller) to the south and east and the great plains to the north.

Then, when it's safe to do so and if you are keen, you can fly the glider "hands-on" and take control after we demonstrate the basics to you in the air. As your first flight comes to a close, you will gently glide to a smooth and short landing.

Before reality hits you will be up in the air again and again.

Aerobatics may be available on the day for an extra $30 subject to strict conditions.


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