30 Minute Air Combat Mission for Two

30 Minute Air Combat Mission for Two - Jet FighterThe real deal! This mission involves you and a mate pitting yourselves against each other in dogfight manoeuvres using two L-39 jet fighters. This mission is for the true aviation fanatics and includes close formation flying as well as aerobatic manoeuvres prior to the dogfight segment. See if you can maintain tally on your threat and defeat the enemy with superior energy management and skill.

Your Air Combat Mission will include the choice of weapons, the use of missile decoys (chaff and flares), checklist items to be completed prior to conducting the attack and target identification criteria. This is as close to the real thing as you can get.

On arrival you'll be greeted by our host and directed to our briefing room. Here your pilot will provide a full military style brief and safety instructions for your Air Combat Mission. We'll then suit you up in your pilot uniform and helmet.

Now you'll strap in to your fighter jet and be guided through the start procedures - feel the awe as the jet engine spools up and the adventure begins. Complete the checklist items and taxi out to the runway to prepare for take off. Then 4000 pounds of jet thrust will launch you into the atmosphere. With speeds of up to 800 km per hour the L-39 is the sleekest and most modern jet fighter conducting adventure flights in Australia.

Once up in the air you will climb to the manoeuvring area up to an altitude of 7000ft. You will commence with "G" warm-up manoeuvres then move on to live the high performance of the L-39 Fighter. You are the co-pilot and your flight is both interactive and customised and you can even change the flight profile while you're airborne.


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