40 Minute Maritime Patrol Mission

40 Minute Maritime Patrol Mission - Historic PlaneIn this mission you will fly to the coast and once you ensure that it is safe to conduct your operations by patrolling the coast of Newcastle you will climb up to height for some aerobatics. The aerobatics will be the same as for the pure aerobatics mission above but then you will return to 500 feet to complete your low level patrol of the coast and return to home base.

On arrival you'll be greeted and directed to our briefing room where we will prepare you for your mission. Your pilot will provide you with a military style brief and safety instructions for your flight. You will be dressed in your flight suit and escorted to your aircraft in preparation for take-off.

You'll climb aboard our imposing Trojan T28 fighter attack aircraft and be guided through the start procedures - feel the throb of the massive radial engine as it fires into life. Complete the checklist items and taxi out to the runway for take off.

Your aerobatics will include a four point hesitation roll, the barrel roll and the lazy eight. How far can you go, how much 'G' can you take in this amazing piece of 'Macho Metal'? We adapt the flight as we go so if you can handle the pressure, we'll give you the 'G's.


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