Mt Field, Russell Falls and Bonorong Wilderness and Wildlife Day Tour

Mt Field, Russell Falls and Bonorong Wilderness and Wildlife Day Tour - Bushwalking, Nature & WildlifeTasmania has spectacular plants and animals, some so unique that they are not found anywhere else on the planet. This unique day tour from Hobart lets you experience this phenomenon by immersing you within one of our finest national parks, Mt Field, which hosts an impressive waterfall surrounded by lush green rainforest, surreal fresh water lakes, great grandfather old trees and mountains and alpine herb fields which are usually splattered with snow. Its also home to numerous wild animals like devils, wombats, falcons, wallabies and quolls, the mere sight of them sends a rush of excitement through your body.

On this tour you experience:

-New Norfolk & Derwent Valley-
New Norfolk is Tasmania’s largest and probably most historic town which has a treasure trove of eclectic shops and buildings. It boasts Australia’s oldest pub – The Bush Inn - and has incredibly beautiful historic walks through the township and along the River Derwent. The area has a rich agricultural history of hop production going back to early settlement and the oast houses (hop drying houses) of yesteryear are still abundant to see today. In the modern era, farms have transitioned into large scale cherry production and an array of other tasty fruits are on offer.

The Derwent Valley is a truly spectacular area to visit, its backbone the meandering River Derwent shaded by mature willows and avenues of towering poplars, planted as wind protection for early crops. Gentle rolling hills frame a dramatic vista of the towering Mount Field National Park, often covered in snow peaks in the colder months.

-Mt Field National Park -
This is Tasmania’s most diverse National Park and you will embark on an adventure showcased by its amazing features. Get up close and personal with one of the Planets tallest trees, the Mountain Ash towering at nearly 100 metres. The park has 4 distinct levels of vegetation starting at rain forest to alpine and along the journey your guide will give you a hands-on introduction to a broad dichotomy of plant life, like the fagus, Australia’s only cold climate winter deciduous tree.

As you stroll through the rain forest tracks you will be entranced by the cascading waters of the Russell Falls and may even be lucky enough to spot a platypus busily splashing about in his mountain stream or a Wedge Tailed Eagle soaring high on mountain thermals.

- Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary -
Bonorong is not a Zoo; it’s a sanctuary which is responsible for the rehabilitation of injured and sick animals. They employ a vet who undertakes medical procedures in a glass fronted operating room where it is possible for you to view the incredible work undertaken on site with Tasmania’s wildlife. Guests will see young Tasmanian Devils fed by hand and by simply attending this place you are contributing to the process of advancing a cure for the tragic Tasmanian Devil tumor disease.

Your guide will introduce you to the loveable Wombat and Koalas and you can feed Kangaroos, see Tawny Frogmouths, Possums, Quolls, Emus, Cape Barren Geese, Sugar Gliders, a range of Parrots and Snakes. In line with the philosophy of wildlife protection the park offers a range of tasty vegan snacks at the café.


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Russell Falls
Russell Falls
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Mt Field National Park
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