YAK-52 Fighter Trainer Mission in a Russian Red

YAK-52 Fighter Trainer Mission in a Russian Red - Historic PlaneExperience what every Soviet fighter pilot had to go through in the long road to becoming a frontline fighter pilot in formidable Russian fighter aircraft. They all started on the YAK-52 and had to prove themselves on it first before moving on. This wonderful, comparatively small aircraft, is no pushover and demands respect. You will be impressed with its power and agility.

On arrival you'll be greeted and directed to our briefing room where we will prepare you for your mission. Your pilot will provide you with a military style brief and safety instructions for your flight. You will be dressed in your flight suit and escorted to your aircraft in preparation for take-off.

You'll climb aboard this imposing aircraft and be guided through the start procedures - feel the throb of the massive radial engine as it fires into life. Complete the checklist items and taxi out to the runway for take off.

You have the option for a 25 minute mission or a 50 minute mission. The 50 minute mission includes a high speed low level coastal run.


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